Geekvape E100 Kit Review: Eteno 100i has an external battery

The E100i has been redesigned with a classic geekvape look and feel. The Geekvape E100i/Aegis Eteno Kit has an IP68 rating making it extremely durable and bringing great performance powered by the AS-Chip 3.0.

Geekvape E100i kit review
Geekvape E100i kit review

Output Mode: Smart / Power / Boosting
Output Power: 5W-100W
Maximum Output Current: 35A
Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5V
Charging Port: Type-C Port
Resistance Range of Cartridge: 0.1ohm-3ohm

To turn off the Geekvape E100i, simply press the larger top button 5 times in quick succession. There is no automatic puff sensor, so the same button is used every time you vape.

If you’re not familiar with Geekvapes’ line of AEGIS devices, then you wouldn’t realize that the latest Geekvape E100i is basically a clone. We’ve covered some Geekvape AEGIS models including the E100.

Pod Cartridge
Due to the honeycomb interior design, the refillable cans appear larger than they are. With this tank design, if you drop the vape, no part of the pod sticks out and gets hit. Mouthpiece and airflow control provides additional protection against impact damage.

This pod holds 4.5ml of e-liquid, so you can smoke for a day or two without a problem before needing to refill your e-liquid. As we mentioned, the airflow control helps prevent drops because it sits on top of the tank. To adjust the airflow, simply rotate the airflow portion of the pod back and forth to expose or cover the airflow slots.

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Speaking of Geekvape E100i, we have to mention E100. The two devices are identical except for the battery.

The E100i has an internal (hence the i) 3000 mAh battery, while the E100 requires the purchase of an external Li-Ion battery. The E100i device also has a Type-C charging port to charge the internal battery.

The Geekvape E100i Mod Pod Kit presents a great option for vapers who want all the features of the E100 but don’t want the hassle of an external battery.

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