New Vape Pods Released-Usonicig Zip And Innokin EQs

Usonicig Zip kit is a new best pod vape 2019 kit and uses Ultrasonic energy to vaporize the e-liquid for vaping. The new Zip suite clearly has a higher vibration frequency and, according to Usonicig, will produce smaller aerosol (steam) particles, providing more flavor. Usonicig also said the device is ideal for nicotine salt and CBD liquids, preventing them from breaking down at the higher temperatures used in normal steam.

The battery power of Usonicig Zip kit inside the equipment is 1200mAh. The container containing the electronic liquid is fixed in the device with a magnetic connector, which can hold 2ml electronic liquid. One feature I really like is the ability to rotate on top of the pod, allowing you to fill the pod from the top – rather than having to remove it. There are child locks, too. There are five colors to choose from – blue, pink, orange, black and silver.

Usonicig Zip kit review
>>Another new pod-Innokin EQs Kit

Innokin EQs Kit is a new pod suite that is a recent upgrade to Innokin EQ. EQs is very similar in appearance, with some differences. First, EQs is less than the equalizer and the height is 85mm – but the specification does not leave out other dimensions. The pod (the part where the electronic liquid and heating element are located) looks very similar, the bottom of the twisted pen refill is easy to use and leak free. The coils, however, are different. Rather than the standard mesh coil – the EQs pod USES 3D mesh – PLEX3D – also available on the Plexar kit and the iSub B tank.

Innokin EQs Kit review

As with EQ, you have three power settings to choose from, 11.5w, 13.5w and 15.5w, and the indicator on the light button will tell you which power mode to choose and the remaining battery life. The built-in battery capacity is 800mAh, which is very suitable for pod mod.
There are six colors to choose from – purple, coral pink, grey, white, sky blue and black.

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