How do I use Fruitia Esco Bars Mesh 5000 Puffs Disposable?

The popular Esco Bar brings a better vape to your enjoyment! Check out the Fruitia Esco Bars Disposable, which has a 12ml e-liquid for up to 5000 puffs. This makes it one of the longest-lasting disposables on the market, with an excellent flavor profile.

Fruitia Esco Bars Mesh 5000 Puffs for sale
Fruitia Esco Bars Mesh 5000 Puffs for sale

Kiwi Pom
Mixed Berries
White Mystery
White Gummy (NEW)
5% Nicotine
Liquid – 12mL
5000 Puffs Per Device
1000mAh battery

Find the airflow holes on both sides of the disposable device and inhale slowly for about 3-5 seconds. The LED light on the bottom of the device will light up to indicate that it is working. Breathe out slowly and enjoy smooth, delicious steam. When done, discard the device.

buy Fruitia Esco Bars Mesh 5000 Puffs
buy Fruitia Esco Bars Mesh 5000 Puffs

Fruitia Esco Bars Disposable is available in a variety of flavors, including kiwi, mixed berries and mystery ginkgo. Each disposable pen contains 14mL of e-liquid with a nicotine concentration of 50mg. The disposable pen has a mesh coil for excellent flavor and steam production. These pens are easy to use and require no maintenance.

Flavor description
Fruitia Esco Bars has four delicious kiwi balls, mixed berries and mystery ginkgo. Each bar contains 14ml of e-liquid and delivers up to 5,000 puffs. The bars are disposable, so there’s no need to worry about charging or refilling. Just enjoy the flavor, then toss the bar when you’re done.

It’s also rechargeable, allowing you to get every bit of e-juice out of your disposables! Is it time to check out this innovative and long-lasting e-cigarette?

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GeekVape T200 vape mod kit review – widebody copy

We’re ending the week beautifully – with two of the funniest novelties at the same time. Also, the most interesting thing here is that they will be a kit with a fully adjustable box mod and a universal service tank. Let’s start the natural story from scratch – geekvape t200.

Geekvape T200 Kit review
Geekvape T200 Kit review

Dimensions: 141.25 x 56.05 x 31.12mm
Body material: zinc alloy + plastic + silicone + eco-leather
Power supply: 2 x 18650
Chipset: AS-Chip 3.0
Power: 5 – 200W
Voltage range: up to 12V
Peak current: 45A
Operating mode: Power, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, VPC, BYPASS, SMART
Temperature range: 200℉ – 600℉ / 100℃ – 315℃
Supported resistance: 0.1 – 2.0Ω

The program begins with GeekVape‘s freshly baked kit, which apparently works more intensively than its competitors. The brand’s flagship was updated a year and a half ago – a great and terrible asylum for two external batteries.

Geekvape T200 Kit review
buy Geekvape T200 Kit

The Box mod, on the other hand, has changed significantly but retains some “profitable” moments. First of all, they did not change the decorative elements – metal, plastic, silicone, or eco-leather.

But it is the cutting and positioning of these elements that really undergo modernization. As a result, the eco-leather insert now occupies the entire side panel instead of the rear end.

The front section was won back by a huge display and filled almost “without a trace”. The novelty’s size can’t be called average – however, the 56mm width of a two-can replica is a decent number.

However, this may not be a hindrance to normal ergonomics due to the rounded back, smooth edges and good control placement. The landing pad is steel – with silicone edging.

In determining its maximum capabilities, you should not rely on the entire thickness of the case – they will obviously be more modest. The profile of the Geekvape T200 mod novelty, as you have noticed, is asymmetric – the back side is fairly rounded.

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Review: THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5 – major changes inside

Well, ending the week will be Thunderhead Creations’ Universal Service Tank. The first version of the atomizer was released about a year and a half ago, and after such a long time, the development team decided to tweak the design – THC Tauren MTL RTA V1.5.

ThunderHead Creations Tauren MTL V1.5 RTA review
ThunderHead Creations Tauren MTL V1.5 RTA review

Case material: stainless steel
Atomizer type: RTA vape
Capacity: 2ml
Diameter: 24mm
Height: 49.5mm with drip type
Connector: 510, gold-plated pin

Going forward, we can say that the latter is only about interior decoration. We start looking for differences between the revisions from the exterior and definitely do not find them. This is again a 24mm diameter specimen clad in a metal frame.

Carved in place, so are the hexagonal grooves, and even the stepped lid with longer dripper. Alas, even though there are fundamental visual differences between the novelty and its predecessor, the developers haven’t added any elements.

The color scheme is exactly the same as that with the ancestor. The novelty is also crowned with a pair of sweet plastic cigarette drop types.

One of them is equipped with a radiator. Once again, the developers did not consider painting the latter the color of the tank’s body, so fans of darker shades will have to settle for the steel version again.

ThunderHead Creations Tauren MTL V1.5 RTA for sale
ThunderHead Creations Tauren MTL V1.5 RTA for sale

The top is filled and the lid locks again not half a turn. The situation of “unacceptable” modest capacity has not changed – again the minimum, despite the fact that the diameter of the tank is 24 mm after all. Of course, again no possibility of increasing capacity is offered.

The main difference is hidden inside – a serviced base. Yes, we again see a pair of racks located on the same side and ensuring the correct fixation of one spiral. The airflow is again lower, however, the main difference was the presence of replaceable airflow nozzles and a physical volume reducer of the evaporation chamber.

Additional regulation of the intensity of blowing is again achieved using a rotary ring at the base of the vape tank. It’s the brand’s familiar in-house design, a strapless ring with a tapered groove and four fine air intakes underneath.

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Elf Bar Pod King XC5000 Kit review – quite comfortable to use

The Elf Bar Pod King XC5000 is Elf Bar’s partnership for sourcing Pod King flavors. The XC5000 includes a 650 mAh rechargeable battery, mesh coil, 13.5ml reservoir and a USB Type-C fast charging port. The Pod King Elf bar comes in a popular limited-edition flavor.

Elf Bar x Pod King XC5000 review
Elf Bar x Pod King XC5000 review

Exclusive Flavors
E-liquid Capacity: 13.5ml
5000 Puffs Approx.
Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery – Type C
Draw Activated Firing Mechanism
Mesh Coil Heating
Tobacco Free Nicotine Formulation
50mg (5%) Strength
A Proud American Product

It comes with a 650mAh built-in battery that focuses on efficient and consistent power delivery. With its 13.5ml pre-filled e-juice and up to 5000 puffs capacity, you can expect longevity of your favorite flavors.

buy Elf Bar x Pod King XC5000
buy Elf Bar x Pod King XC5000

Measuring 79mm x 41mm x 19mm, it’s small and travel-sized, but you won’t have the hassle, it avoids having to compromise on performance or flavor.

Featuring an ergonomic mouthpiece, gradient pattern, streamlined appearance and silk-like toughness, it provides the ultimate visual and taste bud experience.

And, on top of that, the atomizer inside has a mesh design that vaporizes the e-juice as quickly as possible and delivers a ton of flavor from the first sip to the last.

For anyone looking for a maintenance-free portable vape kit, the Elf Bar Pod King XC5000 Disposable Kit is the answer. This new pod system can be simply thrown away when it reaches a lifespan of 5,000 cycles.

Inside the XC5000, there’s a 540mAh battery with a fast-charging system to ensure the battery never runs out before using the entire 13.5mL reservoir, filled with 5% nicotine salt e-liquid.

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Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA – 12ml vape juice capacity plus PCTG tank

Today we will introduce you to another e-liquid drop from the original Chinese manufacturer Hellvape called Helheim S30 RDTA. Hellvape has released the continuation of its Helheim baco drip line – Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA.

Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA review
Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA review

Height: 67.75 mm
Diameter: 30mm
Drip Tips: 810
Airflow: bottom + side
Capacity: 12 ml
Base on two spirals
Squonk pin

The novelty has significantly increased in size, but retains many of the unique features of this range of devices, including a fluid supply system using cables.

The Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA has a large steel case with a diameter of up to 30 mm. The manufacturer offers three design options for users to choose from: steel, bronze and black.

The device is equipped with two airflow systems independent of each other, which can be combined: side and bottom. The deck of the atomizer is designed to fit two coils in a column-free base.

buy Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA
buy Hellvape Helheim S30 RDTA

Liquid is supplied to the lint from both sides via a six-wire cable system, in quantities of three. The 12 ml volumetric reservoir can be refilled either through the holes next to the windings or with the help of the squonk pins provided.

The unit will also come with spare cables, a screwdriver, two pre-wound coils and a tool for shortening the vape coil legs. Includes a set of orings and screws.

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Bright infinity – Voopoo VMATE Infinity Edition Pod kit

Voopoo VMATE Infinity is the second part of the double launch of the Voopoo pod system. In pursuit of Friday’s novelty, the developers are launching a device of the same name, which is, in fact, a more simplified/mass-produced version of the model.

VOOPOO VMATE Infinity review
VOOPOO VMATE Infinity review

Dimensions: 95.5 x 28.5 x 15mm
Body material: aluminum alloy + plastic
Power supply: built-in 900mAh
Cartridge capacity: 3.0ml Vaporizer
resistance: 0.7 / 1.2Ω
Wattage: 17W
Voltage range: 3.2 – 4.2V
Mode operation: Power
Supported resistance: 0.7 – 3.0Ω

As you guessed, the new product repeats the old V.THRU model, but it’s as simplified as possible. The dimensions are the same as its predecessor, and the shape is the same.

The main or fundamental difference of the new thing is the updated voopoo design of the case. The metal frame is decorated with embossed vertical stripes and matching model logos.

Also, the difference is the suggested color palette – this time around, they’re radically different from their predecessors. But instead, we’ve seen replaceable cartridges in previous releases.

buy VOOPOO VMATE Infinity Kit
buy VOOPOO VMATE Infinity Kit

This is the instance used in the Vmate E set, the V.THRU variant is also supported. The manufacturer offers two different options – they will both be included. The latter differs in the resistance of the built-in evaporator.

The battery is very good for this capacity size, however, the duration of the charging process is unknown. A connector for this event is naturally provided for modern samples.

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What can we expect from the SMOK G-PRIV 4 Kit?

Let’s welcome G-PRIVE 4 from SMOK. SMOK G-Priv 4 is the latest box mod in the G-Priv series. It comes with a touchscreen similar to the G-Priv 3. Can’t wait to see what’s new in the G-Priv 4? Let’s see in this review.

SMOK G-PRIV 4 Kit review
SMOK G-PRIV 4 Kit review

The box mods of SMOK G-Priv 4 are not much different from G-Priv 3. They are both powered by dual 18650 batteries with a maximum output of 230W and allow the same resistance range.

Also, they’re very similar in appearance and panel layout: the larger is a large touchscreen on the front, while the smaller is a slender rectangular fire button. And the G-Priv 4 shrinks the display size from 2.4 inches to 2.0 inches now.

The G-Priv 4 mod has the latest IQ-M chipset inside for versatility, it can operate in Variable Power (VW) mode or Temperature Controlled (TC) mode compatible with stainless steel, nickel, and titanium atomizing heads.

buy SMOK G-PRIV 4 mod
buy SMOK G-PRIV 4 mod

The Smok G-Priv 4 kit comes with a TFV18 mini tank with a capacity of 6.5ml juice and an easy top filling system. The bottom-up airflow can be adjusted to any preference thanks to 3 large air intake slots at the bottom.

The TFV18 Mini Tank is compatible with three V18 Mini coils: 0.15Ω, 0.2Ω and 0.33Ω, but the 0.2Ω option is not yet included in the kit.

The most obvious change in the G-Priv 4 from its predecessor is that the leather design is placed on the body where the palm of the hand rests when holding the device, giving it a more textured elegance and an optimized grip.

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Geekvape H45 RTE Kit review – compatible with Geekvape B coil series

Geekvape H45 RTE(Aegis Geekvape Hero 2) Pod Mod Kit comes with a new tri-proof. Small in size, rich in flavor. Featuring an upgraded metallic shell, more resistant to shock and scratches. 1400mAh battery and a bigger display for a better vape experience. 4ml leakproof pod with top airflow system.

Geekvape H45 RTE Kit review
Geekvape H45 RTE Kit review

Size: 43.1* 28.6* 91.05mm
Battery: built-in 1400mah battery
Output: 5-45W
Screen: 0.96 inch TFT Screen
Modes: Power/ Bypass
Resistance: 0.1-2ohm
Working Temperature: 0-45℃
Charging: 5V/2A
Standby current: <20uA
Drip tip: 510 drip tip
Capacity: 4ml
Resistance: 0.4ohm(25-35W)

The Geekvape H45 RTE Pod Mod Kit is a collaboration between Geekvape and Rip Trippers. It is powered by a built-in 1400mah battery with a maximum output of 45W. Geekvape H45 RTE Pod Mod adopts buck-boost technology, stable output, and a 0.96-inch TFT screen that clearly displays e-cigarette data.

The Geekvape H45 RTE pod has a 4ml capacity and is top-filled. Aegis Hero 2 comes with a new defense. Small in size and rich in flavor. With an upgraded metal casing, it is more resistant to shocks and scratches.

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Coming soon: VAPORESSO X MINI Pod kit – transparent capsule

Today we will introduce you to a pod kit, albeit more original, which was also very simple. However, here’s something interesting – the company VAPORESSO, which recently launched a dual version, is suddenly “singing” with another rather “grey” brand, VAPORESSO X MINI.

Vaporesso X Mini Kit for sale
Vaporesso X Mini Kit for sale

Dimensions: 73.3 x 25.4mm
Body material: plastic + aluminum alloy
Power supply: built-in 1150mAh
Chipset: MCU
Cartridge capacity: 2.0 / 4.0ml Vaporizer
resistance: 0.35Ω
Wattage: 10 – 29W
Working mode: Power

The latter doesn’t often appear on the front pages of our newsfeeds, so I don’t know why this unexpected collaboration occurred.

They clearly worked on the look of the second guest – a small pod vape kit device with a regular circular silhouette. The height is small, but the right diameter makes it stout.

buy Vaporesso X Mini Kit
buy Vaporesso X Mini Kit

There’s a lot of appeal – it’s the contrast of materials and colors, the clear case, the printed circuit board on display, and even the original print.

Removable cartridges have non-removable plastic drips, decent capacity, and bottom refills. Oddly, the vaporizer is replaceable, and, by the standards of a simple pod, it has fairly low drag.

The heating elements are made in grid form. There is an adjustment of the blow strength – the rotation of the tank around its axis.

The body is rich with a prominent activation button. A notable fact is that there is no other option than to start at the touch of a button.

In any case, the developer has not commented on this. There is a light indication – the entire lower part of the device. Frankly, the capacity of the built-in battery is pleasing.

However, the charging current is expected to remain unknown. The connectors for this event already have a natural modern Vaporesso kit design.

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Much more control over your flavor choices – AquaBar 2800 Disposable Vape

AquaBar 2800 Disposable Vape has all the hits for vaping. However, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to vape, consider switching to bottled salt nic juices and refillable vaping kits.

aquabar 2800 vape kit review
aquabar 2800 vape kit review

7ml of salt nic juice
Tobacco-free nicotine
Draw-activated firing mechanism
50mg (5%) nicotine strength
2800 Puffs (Manufacturer’s Estimate)
1300mAh integrated battery
By Aqua Synthetic

The AquaBar Disposable Electronic Cigarette is one of the best disposable electronic cigarettes on the market. Packed with smooth and delicious nic salt, it has ten times the e-liquid capacity of a Juul pod. Unlike Juul pods, it also offers a wider range of flavors. Pre-loaded pods are now limited to tobacco flavors.

Disposable e-cigarettes fully meet the needs of most adult e-cigarette users. They offer satisfying performance and great taste. They’re small enough to be carried around and usually don’t require charging or filling.

buy AquaBar Disposable Kit 2800 Puffs
buy AquaBar Disposable Kit 2800 Puffs

The use of smoke-free nicotine further improves the AquaBar experience. Compared to tobacco-derived nicotine, tobacco-free nicotine has a more neutral flavor and is ideal for single-use e-cigarettes. Smoothness enhances the wonderful flavor of Aqua salt nic juice.

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