Wotofo COG MTL RTA will be the best MTL RTA of 2020?

Though 2020 just began and lots of vape manufacturers released few items as the COVID-2019, Wotofo COG MTL RTA still attracted lots of eyes when Wotofo published its picture on Instagram. Wotofo wrote it’s first mech mod support RTA of the world, so it should be can meet large vapor & great flavor.

After learning more about the specification about Wotofo COG MTL RTA, the most feature is the building deck and recurved chimney. Adjustable & slim airflow slot from the bottom provides amazing flavor and 510 drip tip support perfect performance together with the recurved chimney.

Diameter: 22mm

Capacity: 3ml

If you want more information, please visit: https://vapesourcing.com/wotofo-cog-mtl-rta.html

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A Simple Introduction of Wotofo Nudge Squonk Mech Mod

Introducing the all new Wotofo Nudge Squonk Mech Mod, a compact, 18650 powered device that reinvents the unregulated squonk category. It does this by introducing a built-in safety chip to deliver the peace of mind found in regulated mods, while offering the unlimited capability found in a mechanical mod. The Nudge BF Squonk Mod by Wotofo truly delivers the best of both worlds. Allow us to tell you more about it in this Wotofo Nudge BF Squonk Mod Preview.

Meet The Nudge BF Squonk Mod

Constructed of carbon fiber for a strong, reliable, yet lightweight feel, the Nudge BF Squonk Mod paints a pretty picture when it comes to quality and a durability. It shares a rather small footprint of just 75mm in height, 50mm in depth, and only 24mm in width. Though it features a compact design, it’s still capable of supporting 24mm atomizers and under for an incredible look that you’re sure to be pleased with. If judging this mod by first impressions, you’ll be easily impressed since it’s very appealing.

Wotofo Nudge BF Squonk Mod

The Wotofo Nudge BF Squonk Mod starts by offering a 510 spring-loaded connection at the top of the device, which I must say is 24K gold-plated. The side fire button, which is also 24K gold-plated, features a locking mechanism to prevent accidental discharge, a common issue found with many mechanical mods. While the body is made of carbon fiber, all its metal parts are 24K gold-plated to ensure the best possible conductivity. The backside of the Nudge BF Squonk Mod has a removable magnetic battery panel to conceal both the battery compartment and the silica gel squonk bottle, which features a large 7ML e-liquid capacity. The panel also has a cutout to allow the user to easily press the soft bottle and have a visual of the current e-liquid level. Between the two is a small safety chip that’s installed to help prevent a short-circuit and ideally protects the user and mod from any potential harm. A mechanical mod and built-in safety, who would have thunk it? Despite its small size, the Wotofo Nudge BF Squonk not only holds a bottle with a 7ML e-liquid capacity but it also houses a single 18650 battery, which is purchased separately from the device.

The Nudge BF Squonk Mod by Wotofo is an incredible option for those that enjoy squonking, as it delivers a very small size, squonking, in general, is very convenient, and it offers a built-in safety chip to protect the mod and user. What’s you’ll find most impressive about this device though is its high-end appearance from quality materials used, yet still features a price that’s affordable.

NOTE: The Wotofo Nudge Squonk Mod is currently priced at $26.9 in https://vapesourcing.com/wotofo-nudge-squonk-mech-mod.html for pre-order here. The estimated time of arrival is roughly around the 29th.