$30 ASVAPE ZETA RTA Review – The Compatibility of E-juice is its Charm

Under the upsurge of the mouth-sucking, a series of mouth-sucking RTA products broke out. This type of product was given the new name “MTL” by the times. After the MTL products of various brands gradually appeared in the market, the concept of each MTL and the actual experience that can be obtained are different. Even the RTA called MTL type is not an absolute loyal fan of mouth-sucking. ASVAPE attracts vapers’ attention with personalized and avant-garde products in the industry. Is the retro ZETA RTA launched under the MTL boom still maintaining the fashionable brand characteristics like its products?

Asvape Zeta Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

ZETA RTA adopts 22MM classic diameter and has a 2.5ML e-juice capacity and there are three special places after opening the package:
1. the atomizer’s intake ring provides a tight suction resistance when fully closed, and is suitable for very small wire diameter data to smoke high nicotine salt e-juice;
2. the difference between the two inlet post screws is obvious if only the mouth suction method is used, it is recommended to use a small intake screw;
3. the finished coil is loosely wound and stitched, and the material is unknown.

The dismantling of the tank requires the use of tools (such as coins). In actual use, it can be washed with water to meet daily maintenance. The tank consisting of PEI and stainless steel has a retro appearance. It is more durable than ordinary glass tubes, eliminating the violent air fall, and which is basically difficult to have a “burst” situation.

Black Asvape Zeta

The ceramic chamber is the core highlight of this ZETA. Here we first remove the physical influence of ceramic material. If we simply look at this chamber with space theory, the ceramic chamber can provide insulation shielding, and the narrowed atomization space is further improved. The feeling of compression throughout the use will make the mouthfeel firmer.

The taste of 22mm ZETA RTA has a high degree of recognition. The biggest reason comes from the compressive feeling of the narrow ceramic chamber. Under the wrapping of the ceramic chamber, the temperature inside the chamber has a certain heat preservation effect, and the smoke has a slight temperature. Its light lung suction and mouth suction also directly point to the traditional 6MG e-juice and the currently popular high nicotine salt e-juice, which has excellent performance in terms of compatibility.

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The Amazing Resolution of E-juice – Augvape INTAKE RTA Review

The Amazing Resolution of E-juice – Augvape INTAKE RTA Review

The brand Augvape gives me the impression that its innovation is relatively strong. Like the VTEC engine atomizer and AUGVAPE Templar RDA, which were launched in the early stage, the players can always make a deep impression and become a hot-sale product. Recently, they once again launched the Augvape INTAKE RTA. How does this product have different performances? Let’s see the experience sharing below.

From the appearance, it is obvious that the INTAKE RTA is different. The upper part of the INTAKE RTA is obviously larger than the lower part. At first glance, it will be a bit of a top-heavy sensation. When connected with the box mod or the mechanical mod, the actual overall vision is found. The effect is good. Due to the solid material, INTAKE RTA is still quite weighty.

Augvape Intake RTA 4.2ml

Compared with the traditional RTA, the individual feels that the INTAKE RTA is odd on the intake structure, and the second is on the post deck. Because it uses the top air intake, it also makes the INTAKE RTA look strange.

In order to solve this kind of problem that the top air intake will cause top-heavy imbalance, the designer still has a good solution, such as the height of the tip drip is obviously reduced, and the top cap is cut and slimmed.

In addition to the slimming treatment at the top cap, it also has a snap-on design, combined with the notch on the refilling ring, to ensure the tight connection and easy connection of the top cap and the refilling ring, and the apron below has a good Sealing, this form of design is currently rare. After the splitting, it is found that the intake adjusting ring on the refilling ring can be separated separately, and the chamber below does not seem to support splitting, which is necessarily an integral design form.

Augvape Intake RTA For Sale

In fact, the refilling ring of INTAKE RTA uses a double-layer design, which is also the requirement of the top air intake. The principle of the intake air is rough as follows: after the external airflow enters the inside of the refilling ring through the two opposite air intake holes on the refilling ring, it will enter the chamber along the outside of the inner flue and pass through the post deck. The two are collected in the air chamber where the air duct sinks to the deck, and finally, the air flow of the bottom straight blow coil is realized by the three air holes on the deck.

With Naked 100 Brain Freeze E-juice, the richness of the smoke is quite good under the premise of opening small air intake holes. The multiple fruit reduction is more realistic and layered. Even in the case of full opening of the air intake, there is no significant decrease in the richness of the smoke, but the amount of smoke is greatly increased.

In fact, as a single coil RTA, individuals still recommend using a small intake of light lungs to suck, and after using the 510 drip, the taste will be even better. Although there is no problem of poor e-juice guiding in the experience, the reason why the e-juice hole of INTAKE RTA is small is still to pay attention to the amount of cotton used.

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Devourers Evolved Again – Revirew of GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA

The biggest feature of the Ammit family is the consistently multi-dimensional air intake and crocodile head representing the devourers on the top cap. Ammit RDA is no exception. The spark of three-dimensional air intake and high suction resistance mouth-watering style is very charming. Lateral and bottom-up airflows bring a more uniform, softer mist, while also slowing down the overheating problem from the top cap.

What is more special is that it introduces GeekVape’s other popular series, Zeus’s leak-proof structure. The airflow entering through the upper intake hole will pass through the middle channel between the top cap and the deck, and then it will be pulled out of the three holes on the deck. Under the passage, there is a vast space for e-juice storage. This makes it extremely stable in use. Unless you are struggling to squeeze out the e-juice, the e-juice will be stored in the spacious space at the bottom of the deck as long as it is in the upright position. This reminds me of the best atomizer in the same brand -Medusa, yes, different from regular RDA, Ammit RDA is a bit like RDTA.

Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

However, as an MTL atomizer, is it really necessary to increase the characteristics of big storage? The answer is very necessary, because the air intake adjustment of Ammit RDA is to use a single hole and a porous alternative opening method, with five sizes of internal air intake holes can reach at least 12 levels of air intake, but also with three kinds of length of drips with different openings, pore can be replaced with the double-size hole opening kits. From pure MTL to light lung suction, from single wire to fancy wire, are all areas where it can compete.

Ammit, who swallowed Zeus and Medusa, absorbed their strengths and transformed them into the new Ammit series. Nowadays, for various types of structures becoming more and more popular, whether or not to establish unique positioning and characteristics becomes the focus and difficulty in design. Easy to control the air intake, easy to carry out and stable, with a unique soft smoke, Ammit RDA from GeekVape handed in a good transcript.

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Good Enough – Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Review

Horizon Tech is best known for the Arctic sub ohm line of tanks. This was a player in vaping that very quickly became overshadowed by giants in the market such as Kangertech, Sigelei, Smok, and Uwell. One this Horzion Tech has been known for is flavor. The Horizon Tech Falcon is the latest sub ohm tank from long time tank manufacturer Horizon Tech. The Falcon aims to separate itself from other tanks by using different wicking material. Some coils use a combination of wood pulp and cotton, while others use flax paper and/or flax fibre instead. So today, we wll take a look at the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank.

Firstly is about the appearance. The Horizon Falcon tank is a very nice looking tank, it’s not a large tank by any means but feels really well built. I have the green one and it looks great. It’s like a matte lime green and even the o-rings match as well as the resin drip tip. Branding is simple it says “Horizon Tech” on the top cap on one side and “Falcon” on the other. All 6 color options come with a matching resin tip which is nice with the exception of the SS that comes with an orange tip that matches the included orange o-rings. Overall though I find it to be a nice looking tank that follows the same design as many sub ohm tanks. By now, there aren’t too many surprises when disassembling vape tanks, and the Falcon certainly didn’t present anything new or different. But the product is built, designed and machined well throughout – something more companies should strive for in 2018.

Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank 5ml

Secondly is about its performance. When I first noticed the condensation and leaking, it happened while vaping a less-viscous, 60/40 liquid. A slight gurgle tipped me off to some mild leaking through one of the triple airflow slots. Well, the coil was seated as intended. But even after a quick bath and repair, the Falcon still slowly oozed e-liquid from the bottom.Determined to make this work, I tried one more time, giving the tank a bath and switching to a 90/10, max-VG e-liquid. I’ll be damned, the leaking stopped entirely. And the coil once again vaped like an absolute champion during the rest of my testing. Rich flavor, huge clouds, and stutter-free performance on every mod I threw at it. Overall i found this coil to be pretty good as well, but the M1 coil is the one that really shines in this tank.

Overall, this one would be my recommendation to pick up. It works well and gives great flavor on the M1 horizon falcon replacement coils.

Now, the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Resin Edition is a new edition produced by the company, you can buy it also.

So Many Reasons That Wotofo Recurve RDA Is Right For You

The structure of DIY atomizers has been continuously developed in the direction of simplicity and ease of operation, so that DIY users can quickly reconstruct or maintain the atomization core and reduce the use and operating costs. As the electronic cigarette manufacturer WOTOFO, which is famous for the production of atomizers, each new product can give consumers a refreshing feeling. Here comes the newest RDA: Wotofo Recurve RDA

In terms of tip drips, the RDA is equipped with two 810 tip drips, and both of them have very good thermal insulation. The shape of the cover of the drip and the atomizer is very close, not only improving the integrity of the appearance of the atomizer, but also allowing the tip drip to have a very good nip experience. Not only that, the atomizer is also equipped with a 510 drip connection to provide users with more choices.

Wotofo Recurve RDA Atomizer

The Recurve RDA’s chamber cover is very thick, while maintaining a consistently high level of workmanship. The layered buckle design in the chamber cover can precisely limit the height of the chamber cover and the base, and can also provide a limit when the chamber cover of the atomizer rotates, and has a high degree of disassembly when installing the atomizer. The convenience. The closed part of the housing cover is the inlet opening corresponding to the base, which shortens the overall intake distance of the atomizer and provides a more rapid air supply for the coil.

The electrodeless column design of the early popular Rose V2S atomizer, the most annoying aspect of this kind of structure is that it is difficult to control the height of the coil, which means that the user needs to control the length of the coil pin. The included elbow winding bar solves this problem, as long as the coil of the coil is cut to the same level as the elbow portion of the winding bar, the height of the coil installed on the base is very suitable.

Recurve RDA Review

Using the Wotofo Recurve RDA’s own coil for testing, the atomizer delivers a very rich mouthfeel. Compared to a two-coil atomizer, the Recurve RDA offers a similarly rich mouth feel, although it does not exhibit a large amount of smoke. When using bottom oiling or direct driping, pay attention to the squeezing and dropping amount of smoke oil. If too much smoke oil enters the base and the air inlet enters the smoke oil, it may directly suck the smoke oil into the mouth.

To sum up, it is easy to get a rich taste through a single coil. The Recurve RDA is a very worthwhile single RDA product.

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Review of GeekVape Loop RDA atomizer. Score 9.0

Hello, everyone. Today I will introduce you guys GeekVape Loop RDA Tank, another masterpiece after Peerless, so how surprise it will bring to us?

Geekvape Loop RDA Tank deal

The biggest feature of Loop’s appearance is the W-shape deck. The triangle structure of the center and the lock wire hole simultaneously meets the function of guiding the e-juice and air flow. With unobstructed wire space make wiring more easier.The three-way side air inlet of the cover can be single or double, so that the air intake range can be flexible.Side air intake through oblique airways prevents excessive e-juice spillage, and further give full play to the vast oil storage space for the benefit of endurance, also the intimate cogged structure to buckle the base for the smokers to install and remove. Two-piece positive screw also allows enthusiasts to adapt to different mods.On the whole, although the body size appears to be the trend of big RDA, however, due to the upward movement of the wire frame, the atomization space is concentrated in the upper 1/3, it also makes the analysis more direct, and also determines the degree of heavyness by varying the amount of air intake, moreover it has many futures like intimate and easy to use, makes it suitable for new players or older smokers.

Above is the GeekVape Loop RDA atomizer I brought this time. I hope you can understand more about its features.

Ample Mace Tank – New Radial Pre-made Coil

The Ample Mace Tank is a Sub-Ohm Atomizer with the new radial coil of AHC and ADC coils. These coils are made to have more area for heating cotton that will provide more vapor production and produce flavorful clouds. It has an included extra glass tube with 4.5ml, adding more capacity for e-liquids.

Ample Mace sub ohm Tank

What I really like about the Ample Mace Tank is the overall design, it has a very masculine look. The form of metal parts are not just there to add aesthetics but it has a good function of giving a good grip when disassembling the parts and adjusting the airflow. The color options are also great, you can choose from three 3 colors at Vapesourcing.

At first look, I am not really sure if the new radial coil of Ample will provide a great vapor production. After a good look on this tank, the radial shape of coils will add more area for heating the cotton that will produce a good amount of vapors and adding a boost for flavor.

The new radial coil of Ample Mace Tank is a unique and very functional coil, it will definitely provide a good vaping experience especially for Beginners who would like to experience Sub-Ohm performance with a pre-made coil.

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New IJOY Avenger Sub Ohm Tank Preview

The Ijoy Avenger sub-ohm tank comes with Mesh pre-made coil to enlarge the heating area for large vapors and great flavors, making Avenger Tank like a RDA.  It is compatible with the X3 coils, provides an RDA-like flavor. It has a compact size and comfortable feeling in hand.

IJOY Avenger Tank


E-Juice Capacity: 3.2ml
Size: 25 x 51.2mm
Mesh pre-made coil
Compatible with X3 coils
Great flavor like a RDA
Drip tips match the body of tank
5 colors for option

What in the box?
1 x X3-C1S Coil 0.35ohm (40-80W Pre-installed)
1 x X3-Mesh Coil 0.15ohm (40-90W)
1 x Replacement Glass (4.7ML)
1 x Tool pack
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty Card1 x AVENGER SUBOHM TANK (3.2ML)
1 x X3-C1S Coil 0.35ohm (40-80W Pre-installed)
1 x X3-Mesh Coil 0.15ohm (40-90W)
1 x Replacement Glass (4.7ML)
1 x Tool pack
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty Card

It is pre sell now in https://vapesourcing.com/ijoy-avenger-sub-ohm-tank.html with $22.9

Uwell Fancier RTA/RDA – Two In One, But In Fact Not A Single One

The company Uwell decided to update after the new year. So they presented four devices at once, with three of which we already had an opportunity to get acquainted. In turn, the final in this “wave” novelty of a very strange purpose. Let’s stare at the Uwell Fancier RTA/RDA.

The design is rather modest, the features of the “self-expression” of the developers appeared only in the pattern applied to the glass of the tank, and a wide color palette of the hull color.

The form factor is the most common and usual – it is a clear straight cylinder, and only the dome of the drip has a slight narrowing to the top.

Drip type is made of plastic and has an 810th landing.

Uwell Fancier tank

It sits in a removable top cap, under which for some reason there is only one middle hole for refueling the tank. The capacity of the tank is not the greatest at such a size – it is all due to the “complicated” design of the device.

Still, I decided to first talk about the database, and then we’ll proceed to the transformation. The base is a two-pillar – bike-like racks. When fixing the legs of the spiral, the last ones will deform – this is so constructive. Above the stands there is a platform with four holes for fixing cotton wool and one as a mine. As you understand, the ends of cotton wool are pointing upwards, there they are soaked with liquid from the tank.

To my taste, I guess, it will not be so hot, because the steam collecting hole is at a very small distance from the coils, and, naturally, there is no flavoring to do because of the design features. However, the plus sign in this piggy bank will be added by the lower blowing of the coils – holes are oval, elongated, wide.

cheap uwell fancier

It is very inconvenient to install spirals in such a “sandbox”, because the top is covered by the “fungus” of the site. Another unpleasant moment lies in the fastening of this very platform – it is hooked only on one rack, and “roll her head” is easy. That’s why it was not supported by the insulator over the second rack, let it not be fixed on the counter (of course this will not work), but it was possible to prop up. Nevermind.

The air intake openings are four, they are located at the base of the base and overlap with a swivel ring with knurled.

Well, now with a slight movement of the hand the tank turns into drip.

Just remove the entire top structure, and the platform for cotton wool, as I understand it, is not removable, then we shift the ends of the cotton wool to the bottom of the deck, although, probably, it can not be done, and after we pull the dome of the drip. That’s basically all, the feed adjustment remains the same. The bath is by the way not deep, however there is squonk pin.

Both pins are gilded and perform well.

uwell fancier review

Summarizing, I will say this – for two hares you will chase, you will not catch a single one.

The price of this tank is $28.9 in https://vapesourcing.com/uwell-fancier-rta-rda-tank-4ml.html – for such a transformer is not expensive, and the equipment is rich.

Two Brand RDA From Vandy Vape and Digflavor are Good

Many people like to buy e-cigs form well-know brand like joyetech, eleaf, wismec and so on. As the brand awareness is sometimes important for someone. But today I will introduce two unknown brand. Vandy Vape and Digflavor. I have to say, their tanks are really good and cheap for most people. The popularity of their tank is similar to other brand kits.


The Vandy Vape PHOBIA RDA is the innovative RDA that features the deep juice hold system, single/dual coil deck and easy big screws. The deep juice deck can hold more juice and the 4 big screws made the RDA easy to rebuild. Besides, the innovative adjustable bottom airflow system will bring the chase cloud vapor. You can choose to use 810 drip tips and custom 24mm Chuff Caps. 4 colors for you to choose. It is pre sell now.

Price: $24.99

Vandy Vape PHOBIA RDA review

Vandy Vape Iconic RDA

Vandy Vape Iconic RDA is the next revitalization updated version of the beloved Icon series. Integrating the unique design from icon rda. Iconic RDA will satisfies any cloud chasers and let you taste flavors like never before! Iconic RDA comes with resin drip tip preinstalled, also has a delrin doc tip and frosted doc tip included in the package. Integrating both side and bottom airflow system. The bottom airflow tubes allows extra room in juice well and prevents risk of leaking. With the clamp post system, you can install your coils and wick very easily. It is in stock now.

Price: $28

Vandy Vape Iconic RDA in stock

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA is a bottom feeding dripping atomizer designed by The Vaping Bogan. It features 24mm in diameter and with the gold-plated fixed screw clamp post building deck. And the Bonza 24 RDA compatible with both 810 drip tip and 510 drip tip, and the Colorful food grade resin drip tip is really amazing. With the concentrated side air-flow system, it brings you the dense flavor. It is in stock now.

Price: $22.5

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA in stock

Digiflavor Mesh Pro RDA

The Mesh PRO RDA features an innovative postless clamp design, which compatible for both mesh wire builds and standard coils, and a deep juice well, the deep juice well allows more space for cotton and e-liquid. It is easy buildings with postless clamp deck. In addition, the Mesh Pro includes a bottom feeding pin for those who enjoy squonking! It is in stock now!

Price: $24.8

Digiflavor Mesh Pro RDA in stock

Digiflavor Drop RDA

Digiflavor Drop RDA with 4 large post holes allowing for easy coil placement and maximum build space with open access to trim excess. The Stepped airflow design provides precise control while maintaining an ultra smooth and whistle free experience. Deep and spacious juice well with perfect post placement allows for leak free convenient dripping access. Locking top cap guarantees perfect airflow positioning which makes adjusting airflow much easier. Conical shaped top cap provides smooth and uninterrupted airflow. 2 different sized 810 drip tips and a 510 drip tip adapter included for personal preferences. Removable gold plated positive and negative posts. Standard 510 pin and Raised BF squonk 510 pin is included. It is in stock now.

Price: $23

digiflavor drop rda in stock