Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA Review – with a notch design

Single coil 22 mm diameter rebuildable dripper, with classic DROP platform, two large column holes are covered by a polished knurled cap with adjustable side airflow control design. Digiflavor Drop Solo 1.5 RDA is a reduced version of the dual coil to delete V1.5 RDA.

Digiflavor Drop Solo V1.5 RDA review
Digiflavor Drop Solo V1.5 RDA review

It is a single-coil BF rebuildable dripper with a diameter of 22 mm. Digiflavor Drop Solo V1.5 RDA has set its sights on bringing the same fun to single-coil range hoods. Drop Solo V1.5 RDA is made of classic style stainless steel and comes in six colors. The dome eliminates unnecessary decoration and has a round outline.

buy Digiflavor Drop Solo V1.5 RDA
buy Digiflavor Drop Solo V1.5 RDA

An 810 Delrin dripper is placed on the top, which is very suitable for chasing clouds and high-wattage electronic cigarettes. The real innovation comes from the original Drop and the design of the build platform and airflow. The build platform implements a two-post single terminal per post with a notch design that allows trimming of coil leads.

It is easy to construct a single vape coil. The coil feet must be installed vertically in the groove and pressed on both sides with hexagonal screws. The air flow is supplied to the spiral coil from the side and can be adjusted by rotating the dome relative to the base.

The spacious deck, coupled with the rather high wall, forms a spacious juice well. The polished knurled cap has a pair of grooves that align with the grooves on the side skirts. The side skirts are fixed on the base and indirectly participate in air flow adjustment. Adjustable side airflow design to support DL and RDL vaping to provide smooth taste.

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Review: Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA – 25mm, Dual-Coil

Today is the time to learn about the new version of Wasp Nano RDA, which has changed significantly from its predecessor. The new version of Oumier‘s popular Wasp Nano RDA, Wasp Nano RDA S, is designed for two spirals this time.

Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA review
Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA review

Dimensions: 30mm * 25mm
Drip types: 810
Bath volume: 5ml
Side airflow
Base on two spirals
Squonk pin
PEEK insulator

One of the most famous products from the Chinese manufacturer Oumier is a series of atomizers with the common name Wasp Nano. The first such device is believed to be the single-coil RDA vape of the same name.

Oumier Wasp Nano S RDA for sale

The device is available in four basic colors: black, gold, steel and blue. The implementation of the blowing system is approximately the same as before: the thrust intensity is adjusted by rotating the dome about its axis, blocking and opening the side air intake openings.

The device is loved by many users due to its small size, excellent taste and very democratic price tag. The main differences between the new Wasp Nano S RDA and the former one is in the base, which in this case is already designed for the installation of two coils, but not too large, it is worth noting.

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