Which One Is More Beautiful? Freemax Twister Or SXmini Mi Class Kit?

Today let’s come to see two vape starter kits-Freemax Twister and SXmini Mi Class Kit, tell me which one is more beautiful after reading my article!

>>Freemax Twister Kit 80W with Fireluke 2 Tank

The Freemax twister kit 80w includes the Freemax Twister 80W battery and Fireluke 2 Mesh Tank. The Freemax Twister is powered by a built-in 2300mah battery with a maximum output power of 80W. The Twister has an elegant stylus design.

cheap twister kit

The Freemax Twister uses an advanced chip that provides multiple protection and firing speed of 0.01 seconds. As for the Fireluke 2 Mesh Tank, it has a diameter of 24mm and a capacity of 5ml. The Fireluke 2 is made of stainless steel and glass tubes with a filling design that slides to the top of the opening and an adjustable bottom airflow system. In addition, it USES X1, X2 and X3 mesh coils and a 360-degree e-liquid feed system.

>>SXmini Mi Class Kit 400mAh Pod System Kit

The sx mini mi class Pod system provides a lightweight and luxurious vape suite that integrates the advanced YiHi SX290 chip and 400mAh built-in battery and ceramic coil box to create an amazing performance system for nic salt! The SXmini Mi Class is made with advanced technology, durable stainless steel, and elegant paisley design, providing you with a high-end touch.

cheap sx mini mi class

The SXmini Mi USES YiHi’s latest SX290 chipset designed specifically for the pod system. It has a power range of about 7 to 13W and an intuitive OLED display that displays battery life, output power and pumping times. Mi Class offers a remarkable pod of tape cartridges, integrated with a 1.0 ohm ceramic coil that smoothly reproduces flavor, and the ability to top fill threads through a 1.8-ml tank with a resin MTL drip head. Internally, YiHi Mi Class is equipped with a rechargeable 400mAh battery, micro USB charging port at the bottom of the device, and a reset button next to it for any troubleshooting, completing the extraordinary vape masterpiece!

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CoilART LUX 200 And WISMEC SINUOUS V200-Too Special!

New Vape Pods Released-Usonicig Zip And Innokin EQs

Usonicig Zip kit is a new best pod vape 2019 kit and uses Ultrasonic energy to vaporize the e-liquid for vaping. The new Zip suite clearly has a higher vibration frequency and, according to Usonicig, will produce smaller aerosol (steam) particles, providing more flavor. Usonicig also said the device is ideal for nicotine salt and CBD liquids, preventing them from breaking down at the higher temperatures used in normal steam.

The battery power of Usonicig Zip kit inside the equipment is 1200mAh. The container containing the electronic liquid is fixed in the device with a magnetic connector, which can hold 2ml electronic liquid. One feature I really like is the ability to rotate on top of the pod, allowing you to fill the pod from the top – rather than having to remove it. There are child locks, too. There are five colors to choose from – blue, pink, orange, black and silver.

Usonicig Zip kit review
>>Another new pod-Innokin EQs Kit

Innokin EQs Kit is a new pod suite that is a recent upgrade to Innokin EQ. EQs is very similar in appearance, with some differences. First, EQs is less than the equalizer and the height is 85mm – but the specification does not leave out other dimensions. The pod (the part where the electronic liquid and heating element are located) looks very similar, the bottom of the twisted pen refill is easy to use and leak free. The coils, however, are different. Rather than the standard mesh coil – the EQs pod USES 3D mesh – PLEX3D – also available on the Plexar kit and the iSub B tank.

Innokin EQs Kit review

As with EQ, you have three power settings to choose from, 11.5w, 13.5w and 15.5w, and the indicator on the light button will tell you which power mode to choose and the remaining battery life. The built-in battery capacity is 800mAh, which is very suitable for pod mod.
There are six colors to choose from – purple, coral pink, grey, white, sky blue and black.

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Do You Think The Aspire Tigon Will Defeat SMOK Stick Prince?

CoilART LUX 200 And WISMEC SINUOUS V200-Too Special!

Today I want to introduce two special 200w mod kits, the CoilART LUX 200 and the Wismec Sinuous V200. They are both can provide up to 200W power. Think the two kits will giving you two completely different vaping styles.

CoilART LUX 200 Kit 200W with LUX Mesh Tank

The CoilART lux 200 vape TC kit is the perfect combination of power and aesthetics, including the CoilART LUX 200 Mod and LUX Mesh Tank. Made of unique materials to truly reveal its stunning look. Using a dual 18650 battery and an innovative EAGLE chip, it can emit a maximum output of up to 200w, and its launch speed is only 0.005 seconds. With a customizable display, you can clearly see the vaping data. The LUX 200 is also equipped with multiple protection systems for a safer, more stable atomization environment.

As for the LUX Mesh Tank, it is an exquisite 5.5ml artificial marble resin mesh tank with an adjustable bottom airflow design and advanced M1, M4 mesh coils for a better flavor. It has an adjustable airflow system that produces a better taste. The top cover clip design makes it easy to replenish liquid without leaking.

cheap lux 200 vape
WISMEC SINUOUS V200 Kit 200W with Amor NSE Tank

The wismec v200 is a very light dual 18650 battery vape mod kits that deliver up to 200W of power. Uniquely designed with a mix of plastic and zinc alloy chassis construction, it incorporates a new Avatar chipset that allows the Sinuous V200 to read and emit as low as 0.05 ohms and has full temperature control of nickel, titanium and stainless steel heating elements. The Sinuous V200 Starter Kit includes the Amor NSE Tank, a 26mm diameter atomizer that offers a dual-function design, Sub-Ohm, and Salt Nicotine, allowing users to choose their favorite vaping.

Both the two mod kits are the best ideal vape starter kits for any types of vaper, not only because of its extremely affordable design but also because they allow users to enjoy two completely different vaping styles.

cheap wismec v200

If you feel these two kits are very special too, do you want to get it? The purchase address is at vapesourcing online vape shop USA and has a very good price!

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Interesting Vaping By VOOPOO Rota Kit & MyVapors Myuz Astora Kit

Do You Think The Aspire Tigon Will Defeat SMOK Stick Prince?

Recently I have noticed that Aspire has launched a new vape pen kits called Tigon. Don’t understand why they called it that, a tigon is a cross between a tiger and a lion. Does the Aspire Tigon means that? And by the way, I want to compare the Aspire Tigon to the SMOK Stick Prince and see if he can beat it.

The Aspire Tigon Kit is a new vape starter of vape pen style kit. Included in the full kit are the Tigon mod and Tigon tank. The main features of the kit appear to be based on the Tigon Tank design. The Tigon tank comes in 2 capacities either 3.5ml standard or 2ml for the EU markets due to the TPD regulations. Aspire say the tank can be used for MTL and DTL vaping styles by changing the coil and the drip tip.

Aspire Tigon review

There is an adjustable airflow ring on the base of the tank and for MTL vaping there are 5 holes to tailor the restriction more precisely or a single slot for DTL less restricted vaping. The top cap is childproof and a self-sealing system apparently seals the wicking holes in the tank when you remove the coil to help prevent leaks.

SMOK Stick Prince is a new starter kit with 3000mAh battery and TFV12 Prince Tank. With a hexagonal power button and a sophisticated engraved battery base, the Stick Prince battery provides an excellent feel when you use it. Its large battery capacity ensures that you have a nice vaping all day, through the LED indicators to tell you the specifics of the mod.

Stick Prince in stock

The TFV12 Prince features a top filling system with adjustable bottom airflow and a huge 8ml water tank. For the 2ml EU version, the tank included is TFV12 P-Tank. The new Prince-M4 core also offers a silky, rich cloud.

Do you think the Aspire Tigon will defeat SMOK Stick Prince? I think it will! And where to buy it? Go to vapesourcing vape online cheap to find it!

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Snowwolf Mfeng Baby-A Cute Baby Kit Of Snowwolf Mfeng

Interesting Vaping By VOOPOO Rota Kit & MyVapors Myuz Astora Kit

Today I will introduce two new vape pod system, the VOOPOO Rota Kit and MyVapors Myuz Astora Kit, hope they can bring you an interesting vaping enjoyment!

VOOPOO Rota Kit 340mAh Pod System Kit

Have you ever imagined a pod vape that can spin? The VOOPOO Rota can satisfy your all vaping needs. It is the first spinning vape pod device, adopting the classic spinning design and ultra mini size with a bright surface. Working with built-in 340mAh battery, the VOOPOO Rota can bring you durable vaping experience. And the refillable Rota pod cartridge has 1.5ml e-liquid capacity.

VOOPOO Rota review

Size: 37 x 14 x 79mm
Battery capacity: built-in 340mAh
Power range: 6 – 10W
Resting current: <=5uA
Input voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Resistance range: 1.5ohm
Material: Zinc Alloy & Plastic
Package: Gift Box
Shipping method: Please check here for details.

MyVapors Myuz Astora Kit 500mAh Pod System Kit

The MyVapors Myuz Astora Kit is an ultra-compact and portable vaping kit. Powered by 500mah built-in battery with a max output of 10W. The convenient filling solution, a leak-free design, adjustable output voltage, and simplicity makes Myuz Astora the best for MTL vaping experience.

MyVapors Myuz Astora review

Size: 35mm x 14.6mm x 85mm;
Material: PC;
Battery Capacity: 500mAh built-in battery;
E-liquid Capacity: 3mL;
Output voltage: 10W;
Output mode:3. 4V / 3.0V constant voltage

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CBD Vaping Kits-Kangvape TH-710 Box And Kangvape TH-420 II

Snowwolf Mfeng Baby-A Cute Baby Kit Of Snowwolf Mfeng

We know that the Snowwolf has been a strong name among the high-powered vaping mods released this year. Their stylish box mods designs have been known to turn heads and the technology they utilize in their devices is top of the line. Following up on the success of their full-sized snowwolf mfeng for sale, SnowWolf recently released a miniaturized baby version that promises to deliver just as much satisfaction.

buy snowwolf mfeng
1. The Beautiful Design of The Snowwolf Mfeng Baby

Let’s look at the design of the mfeng baby snowwolf you’ll immediately notice the high-quality materials used in its construction. A standout feature on the SnowWolf devices is their iconic 3D SnowWolf logo brushed with a metallic sheen and prominently displayed. The Mfeng Baby is a high class looking mod at an affordable price point.

2. Maximum Output of 80W

An ultra-powerful 2000mAh built-in battery is powering the SnowWolf Mfeng Baby Kit. This integrated battery is rechargeable via a MicroUSB cable with charging status displayed on the 0.91 OLED screen. The Mfeng Baby also utilizes an innovative child lock setting designed to prevent children from accidentally firing or using the device. With it’s huge 2000mAh internal battery the Mfeng Baby can fire up to a maximum output of 80W, perfect for cloud chasers and flavor vapers alike.

SnowWolf Mfeng Baby Kit review
3. Wolf Mini Tank

The powerful Wolf Mini Sub-Ohm Tank is topping off the SnowWolf Mfeng Baby Kit. Featuring a 2mL standard vape juice capacity, expandable up to 5mL with the bubble glass tank attached. This tank utilizes a high-quality stainless steel construction with a knurled top and bottom cap for effortless deconstruction.

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Vapor Storm Puma Family-200W Puma Mod & 80W Puma Baby Mod

CBD Vaping Kits-Kangvape TH-710 Box And Kangvape TH-420 II

As research has filtered in over the past few decades, it has become clearer how CBD and cannabis general is able to influence the body to improve health. The cannabis industry is simply picking up on the success that vaping has had among tobacco users, many of whom have given up combustible cigarettes for vaping by vaporizer as it doesn’t cause a cluster of health issues.

There are two best CBD vape kits hope you will like them:

Kangvape TH-710 High CBD Oil Vape Kit is an all in one system, coming with a TH-710 box mod and a K1 ceramic atomizer. TH-710 box mod contains a 650mah built-in battery. The tank capacity is 0.5ml. Unlike the pod systems on the market, this one uses a traditional tank with replaceable coil heads. In addition, there is no screen on this one, but all the information you need is actually displayed via LED lights, which is great.

buy Kangvape TH-710

Kangvape TH-420 ii Box Kit is a premium cartridge battery kit with adjustable voltage output that offers a unique high-end appearance to match its powerful performance. The newest TH420 2 has a soft and durable exterior available in 6 colors that are met with top and bottom gold polished aluminum plates. It also powered by a strong 650mAh lithium-ion battery that is stocked with three voltage output settings.

buy Kangvape TH-420 ii

Most good vaporizers take just a few seconds to warm up and form viscous, therapeutic vapor. After inhaling, the cannabinoids in the vapor begin to permeate small air sacs called alveoli in the lungs, before passing through to the bloodstream. There, CBD can begin to stimulate or suppress whatever is needed, in order to boost endocannabinoid tone and rebalance the ECS.

The dangers of cannabis smoking are nowhere near as great as those from tobacco smoking but smoking of any sort is still harmful to the lungs and skin. Unlike tobacco, however, cannabis does not constrict the lungs – instead, it is a bronchodilator.

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Reuleaux Tinker By Wismec & Lost Vape Triade DNA250C-Excellent 300W Mods

Vapor Storm Puma Family-200W Puma Mod & 80W Puma Baby Mod

The family members of Vapor Storm Puma best vape mods are both the powerful device available in a series of funky designs, all made from lightweight ABS material. It is designed to be used with DL tanks, as you do not need such powerful devices for MTL tanks.

1. Design and Material:

The Puma and also the Vapor Storm Puma Baby comes in a large range of graffiti-inspired designs. Some people will love them, some will hate them, but they’re certainly going to get you noticed. The device itself is made of lightweight ABS material, meaning it’s a tough little fucker.

Puma Baby

2. Size and Weight:

The dimensions of puma vapor storm mod are: 80.7mm by 40.3mm by 40mm, which is by no means small. Puma baby’s dimensions is 82 x 24 x 40mm. The Puma is a powerful machine and it has to keep that power somewhere. The lightweight material means it doesn’t weigh as much as it might otherwise. Both two mods are of ergonomic design, meaning it fits nicely in the palm of your hand, but you need pretty big hands to fit this comfortably in your hand.

puma vapor storm in stock

3. Battery, Power, and Charging:

The Puma can produce power up to 200W, and it requires dual 18650 rechargeable batteries which are not included, so the battery-life really depends on how you’re willing to spend on buying the batteries. Puma Baby can produce 80w max power, working with single 18650 battery.

The two Puma vape box mods come with a USB charging cord, but charging 18650 batteries in this way can damage the battery life. It’s recommended that you buy an external charger for 18650s. This is a powerful mod, so it’s worth buying decent batteries in order that you can keep a charge all day.

Vapor Storm Puma family mods are the powerful machine and they are well-built and tough. This by no means a starter mod. They are designed for people who know what they want and it offers them the power they need.

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GeekVape Flint MTL-Best For Your MTL Vaping With Nic Salts

Reuleaux Tinker By Wismec & Lost Vape Triade DNA250C-Excellent 300W Mods

There are many different output wattages box mods in the vaping market, such as some box mods have 80w or 100w, but some can arrive at 200w or 300w. In my opinion, different outputs have a different feeling, I don’t mean high power mods are best, it’s just your personal choices. By the way, if you are looking high output wattages, here are two products you may love them!

1.WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker TC MOD 300W

Wismec has just released the Reuleaux Tinker Kit. The new Reuleaux Tinker inspired by the Air Jordan Retro 3 shoes. I had to admit that is a pretty cool design, which has an oval shaped body with a flat front, and you can get the Reuleaux Tinker in three different colors. The Tinker kit includes the Column sub-ohm tank, which has a capacity of 6.5ml and uses 0.15ohm mesh coils.

cheap wismec tinker mod

wismec tinker mod takes three 18650 batteries to function and will deliver up to 300W of power. The box contents of the Tinker Kit are pretty standard. You get a sleeve that holds the two individual boxes for the Tinker mod and the Column tank.

One of the nicest features of the Reuleaux Tinker is its screen. You get a 0.96 inch, full-color display that is super crisp and clear, as well as a pretty nice UI to match. The design and look are very attractive, and it both looks and feels nice in my hand.

2.Lost Vape Triade DNA250C TC Box Mod 300W

Equipped with Evolv DNA250C chipset, the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C Mod will provide you a strong vaping. It’s powered by Evolv Firmware Upgradable DNA 250C Board, the Triade DNA250C Box Mod maximum output wattage fires up to 300 watts.

cheap Lost Vape Triade DNA250C Mod

Also, it features an all-new Replay mode to capture nice flavor and satisfaction of the “perfect puff”, allows vapers to select or tune their own perfect puff and save to replay it over and over. the Lost Vape Triade DNA 250C has multiple safety features, that’s need thanks to its patented Evolv chipboard which is popular in the vape marketplace because of its accurate operation and efficiency.

In the end, I must say that own a high output wattages mod is necessary, 300w is almost the highest wattages in the vaping world, so both two 300w box mods you deserve to have a try!

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Joyetech Espion Infinite AI Kit Review-New Member Of Espion Infinite

GeekVape Flint MTL-Best For Your MTL Vaping With Nic Salts

The geekvape flint is a 950 mAh tube style mod with an MTL tank that uses NS 1.6 ohm atomizer coils. The NS stands for nicotine salts. The Flint mod is powered by an internal 950 mAh battery. For vaping a 1.6-ohm atomizer, 950 mAh should last a full day of vaping. There are no adjustment buttons, but by three clicks of the fire button, the user can choose from three different power settings.

Moving on the Geekvape Flint MTL vape tank, it is made of stainless steel, has a top fill design, adjustable bottom airflow, and an MTL drip tip. By the way, an MTL drip tip has a smaller bore than a sub ohm drip tip. The narrow bore is better for MTL style vaping.

cheap geekvape flint

A tube style mod is portable and easy to use. This style of device is easy to carry in a shirt pocket. We do recommend turning off a tube style mod before putting it in a pocket or purse in order to avoid accidentally activating the fire button. But there is a 10 second cut off as a safety feature.

>>Check out vapesourcing best vape shop online to purchase the Geekvape flint kit now!

Geekvape Flint MOD Specs
Dimensions: 22 mm diameter by 55.6 mm tall
Three voltage outputs: 3.2 V / 3.5 V / 3.8 V
Geekvape Flint built-in battery is 950 mAh
Fast Charging at 5 Volts / 1 Amp
Low voltage warning
PCBA high-temperature prompt: 80℃ (ideal for salt nic)
10-second cut-off safety feature
Max output voltage is 4.2 V
Flint Mod Standby current: ≤10μA
Atomizer Resistance range: 0.5-3.0 ohms
510 thread

By the way, do you know what’s the best nicotine salt e liquid?

In a nutshell, nicotine salt vape juice is a type of e-liquid made for MTL vaping with atomizers above 1.0 ohms. Moreover, nic salt juice has a much higher nicotine level so there is more punch in less vapor. Salt nic is extracted from a different type of nicotine found in the tobacco leaf. It is considered a more stable form of nicotine. Vapers can inhale more nic salts without the harshness. Fortunately, Geekvape has developed the Flint NS atomizer coils specifically to vaporize salt nic.

cheap vgod saltnic lushice

Recommend a best saltnic e juice-vgod saltnic lushice which is better for the geekvape Flint NS atomizer coils!

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Devourers Evolved Again – Revirew of GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA