Wismec Active Kit Review – For Hiking, Camping or Bush Crafting Vapors

Where do you vape? At home? At the office? Or in the metro? Have you considered that vaping when you are hiking or camping? Have you considered that vaping when you are in bathing? Now the dream has come true. Today let’s see the Wismec Active Kit.

I gotta say this mod is pretty cool for a standard regulated 80w mod. What makes it stand out is its Bluetooth speaker and waterproof silicone case. I was super impressed by the quality of the silicone case and the shock value. I dropped it a few times on (on purpose for this review) on rocks, off trees, and randomly on the trail. Other than some dirt the mod functioned just fine after.

Wismec Active vape Kit

Next was water. I turned the Bluetooth speaker on and put it in the river for about 30 seconds or so. I could still hear the music playing faintly in the water and when I pulled it out and shook it off it worked perfectly.

After a few hours, I took a break and started a campfire. Sat by the fire with music playing from the mod – really impressed with the quality. I walked about 30 feet away with my phone before It started to cut out.

TheĀ box mod battery life is also very good. But I only ran it at 20w with the included wismec mtl tank. Spent a full day out in the bush, roughly 5 hrs, and I still had about 20% or so left.

The wismec active silicone cases are interchangeable and you get lots of colors. My sample came with a few and a hook tab for my belt. I like the camouflage.

Active vape starter Kit

It has a pretty standard menu and you can do TC (with the right coils). It has all the features you expect from the newest mods. I had no issue navigating the menu. The USB port must be closed for it to be waterproof so only take out the tab when charging or upgrading.

About the Active Kit‘s taste. The flavor was pretty good, as good as most my RDA’s, but unfortunately, the coil that came with burnt after 3 days use. I’m now using a falcon on it at around 50w and it is pretty damn good. Now it comes with two coils. Maybe the second is better and maybe I just got a bad coil. I was also playing with the watts at the beginning. Otherwise, the tank was quite nice. Easy to fill and take apart.

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