So Many Reasons That Wotofo Recurve RDA Is Right For You

The structure of DIY atomizers has been continuously developed in the direction of simplicity and ease of operation, so that DIY users can quickly reconstruct or maintain the atomization core and reduce the use and operating costs. As the electronic cigarette manufacturer WOTOFO, which is famous for the production of atomizers, each new product can give consumers a refreshing feeling. Here comes the newest RDA: Wotofo Recurve RDA

In terms of tip drips, the RDA is equipped with two 810 tip drips, and both of them have very good thermal insulation. The shape of the cover of the drip and the atomizer is very close, not only improving the integrity of the appearance of the atomizer, but also allowing the tip drip to have a very good nip experience. Not only that, the atomizer is also equipped with a 510 drip connection to provide users with more choices.

Wotofo Recurve RDA Atomizer

The Recurve RDA’s chamber cover is very thick, while maintaining a consistently high level of workmanship. The layered buckle design in the chamber cover can precisely limit the height of the chamber cover and the base, and can also provide a limit when the chamber cover of the atomizer rotates, and has a high degree of disassembly when installing the atomizer. The convenience. The closed part of the housing cover is the inlet opening corresponding to the base, which shortens the overall intake distance of the atomizer and provides a more rapid air supply for the coil.

The electrodeless column design of the early popular Rose V2S atomizer, the most annoying aspect of this kind of structure is that it is difficult to control the height of the coil, which means that the user needs to control the length of the coil pin. The included elbow winding bar solves this problem, as long as the coil of the coil is cut to the same level as the elbow portion of the winding bar, the height of the coil installed on the base is very suitable.

Recurve RDA Review

Using the Wotofo Recurve RDA’s own coil for testing, the atomizer delivers a very rich mouthfeel. Compared to a two-coil atomizer, the Recurve RDA offers a similarly rich mouth feel, although it does not exhibit a large amount of smoke. When using bottom oiling or direct driping, pay attention to the squeezing and dropping amount of smoke oil. If too much smoke oil enters the base and the air inlet enters the smoke oil, it may directly suck the smoke oil into the mouth.

To sum up, it is easy to get a rich taste through a single coil. The Recurve RDA is a very worthwhile single RDA product.

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