Naked 100 Cream Go Nanas, Cuban Blend and Yummy Gum E-juice Review

Naked 100 Vape Juice is a brand manufactured by the Schwartz e Liquid group which has a vision of fruity simple flavor profiles that require no hype. Today we are going to check out three of Naked 100’s e-juices: Cream Go Nanas, Cuban Blend, and Yummy Gum.

They come in only 60ml bottles and is available in 0, 3, 6, 12mg nicotine options. I’ll be reviewing the 3mg version. Both three types of e-juice are designed in a simple and generous pattern. The PET bottle is labeled purely natural, and the black bottle cap is fresh and elegant. There is no swanking pattern but it is still pleasing, which is due to the excellent reputation that Naked 100 has left after the hot sale in the international market. List of recipes for e-juice from the side of the brand: Typical bubble gum flavor, with an added signature strawberry twist for Yummy Gum; Fine Caribbean Tobacco flavor for Cuban Blend; Ripened bananas and vanilla whipped cream for Cream Go Nanas.

The device I used to taste is Vandy Vape Pulse X squonk Kit, and the atomizer is the finished RDA: Pulse X BF RDA. Here I thank vapesourcing vape shop online to offer me these again.

The first one is Cream Go Nanas e-juice. After opening the bottle, a strong banana smell came out, I thought this e-juice must be very thick and greasy. The first inhalation, I wonder if my mouth has a problem? Where is the banana flavor? The second inhalation, carefully tested, found that the flavor is indeed banana and cream. Compared with the smell of banana, it is more like being brought by a sweet milk flavor. The taste of cream is more dominant than the taste of bananas. I thought I would get greasy, but I didn’t, and the cream taste was just right. It seems to me that the banana taste is missing a little.

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The second one is Cuban Blend e-juice. The color of the e-juice is not particularly deep, and it has a strong fluidity and smells like a cigar. When the smoke enters my mouth, I feel rich and the taste of tobacco is pure. The taste of Cuban flue-cured tobacco stimulates the taste buds, making the tongue feel a little bun, although the taste feels more monotonous, the taste is not bad.

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The third one is Yummy Gum e-juice. The balance of flavors that Yummy Gum makes me convinced that I’m chewing on real strawberry bubblegum, which is the easiest vape juice to enjoy. There is little throat hit to it, no sharp flavors, just very soft and flavorful strawberry gum. On the inhale, unapologetic bubblegum flavor wakes up the taste buds. On the exhale, a powerful dose of strawberry bursts on the tongue.

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In general, Naked 100 has earned a place in the vape community as one of those e-liquid lines that everyone enjoys. Maybe not every flavor, but there is something here for everyone.

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