The Amazing Resolution of E-juice – Augvape INTAKE RTA Review

The brand Augvape gives me the impression that its innovation is relatively strong. Like the VTEC engine atomizer and AUGVAPE Templar RDA, which were launched in the early stage, the players can always make a deep impression and become a hot-sale product. Recently, they once again launched the Augvape INTAKE RTA. How does this product have different performances? Let’s see the experience sharing below.

From the appearance, it is obvious that the INTAKE RTA is different. The upper part of the INTAKE RTA is obviously larger than the lower part. At first glance, it will be a bit of a top-heavy sensation. When connected with the box mod or the mechanical mod, the actual overall vision is found. The effect is good. Due to the solid material, INTAKE RTA is still quite weighty.

Augvape Intake RTA 4.2ml

Compared with the traditional RTA, the individual feels that the INTAKE RTA is odd on the intake structure, and the second is on the post deck. Because it uses the top air intake, it also makes the INTAKE RTA look strange.

In order to solve this kind of problem that the top air intake will cause top-heavy imbalance, the designer still has a good solution, such as the height of the tip drip is obviously reduced, and the top cap is cut and slimmed.

In addition to the slimming treatment at the top cap, it also has a snap-on design, combined with the notch on the refilling ring, to ensure the tight connection and easy connection of the top cap and the refilling ring, and the apron below has a good Sealing, this form of design is currently rare. After the splitting, it is found that the intake adjusting ring on the refilling ring can be separated separately, and the chamber below does not seem to support splitting, which is necessarily an integral design form.

Augvape Intake RTA For Sale

In fact, the refilling ring of INTAKE RTA uses a double-layer design, which is also the requirement of the top air intake. The principle of the intake air is rough as follows: after the external airflow enters the inside of the refilling ring through the two opposite air intake holes on the refilling ring, it will enter the chamber along the outside of the inner flue and pass through the post deck. The two are collected in the air chamber where the air duct sinks to the deck, and finally, the air flow of the bottom straight blow coil is realized by the three air holes on the deck.

With Naked 100 Brain Freeze E-juice, the richness of the smoke is quite good under the premise of opening small air intake holes. The multiple fruit reduction is more realistic and layered. Even in the case of full opening of the air intake, there is no significant decrease in the richness of the smoke, but the amount of smoke is greatly increased.

In fact, as a single coil RTA, individuals still recommend using a small intake of light lungs to suck, and after using the 510 drip, the taste will be even better. Although there is no problem of poor e-juice guiding in the experience, the reason why the e-juice hole of INTAKE RTA is small is still to pay attention to the amount of cotton used.

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