Wismec Active Kit Review – For Hiking, Camping or Bush Crafting Vapors

Where do you vape? At home? At the office? Or in the metro? Have you considered that vaping when you are hiking or camping? Have you considered that vaping when you are in bathing? Now the dream has come true. Today let’s see the Wismec Active Kit.

I gotta say this mod is pretty cool for a standard regulated 80w mod. What makes it stand out is its Bluetooth speaker and waterproof silicone case. I was super impressed by the quality of the silicone case and the shock value. I dropped it a few times on (on purpose for this review) on rocks, off trees, and randomly on the trail. Other than some dirt the mod functioned just fine after.

Wismec Active vape Kit

Next was water. I turned the Bluetooth speaker on and put it in the river for about 30 seconds or so. I could still hear the music playing faintly in the water and when I pulled it out and shook it off it worked perfectly.

After a few hours, I took a break and started a campfire. Sat by the fire with music playing from the mod – really impressed with the quality. I walked about 30 feet away with my phone before It started to cut out.

The box mod battery life is also very good. But I only ran it at 20w with the included wismec mtl tank. Spent a full day out in the bush, roughly 5 hrs, and I still had about 20% or so left.

The wismec active silicone cases are interchangeable and you get lots of colors. My sample came with a few and a hook tab for my belt. I like the camouflage.

Active vape starter Kit

It has a pretty standard menu and you can do TC (with the right coils). It has all the features you expect from the newest mods. I had no issue navigating the menu. The USB port must be closed for it to be waterproof so only take out the tab when charging or upgrading.

About the Active Kit‘s taste. The flavor was pretty good, as good as most my RDA’s, but unfortunately, the coil that came with burnt after 3 days use. I’m now using a falcon on it at around 50w and it is pretty damn good. Now it comes with two coils. Maybe the second is better and maybe I just got a bad coil. I was also playing with the watts at the beginning. Otherwise, the tank was quite nice. Easy to fill and take apart.

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Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit VS Vandy Vape Simple EX Kit, You Choose Which One?

In 2018, it was not only a year of intense competition for pod systems, but also a year of various squonk kits show their budding. Today we will make a comparison evaluation about two squonk kits which I bought from vapesourcing vape online shop: Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit and Vandy Vape Simple EX.

Firstly is the Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit.

In sense, the LUXOTIC MF is not a real squonk kit. The Luxotic MF box has two usage modes, you can choose squonk mode and TC box mode. In squonk mode, a 7ml BF plastic bottle and a single 21700 battery are available; In TC box mod, it supports two 18650 batteries, and the maximum output power can reach to 100W. The box also offers optional boards such as a semi-mechanical output board with indicator lights or a voltage regulator board with a 0.91″ OLED screen.


About the wismec LUXOTIC MF’s performance. Whether you prefer Squonking or standard dripping the performance is much the same, with the dual coils setup with the provided coils in the kit, we’re getting 0.16ohms so we’re setting the wattage to around 70-80 watts. The airflow is good and adjustable, the flavor is spot on and nothing to complain about. Nice deep flavorful clouds.

Secondly is the Vandy Vape Simple EX Kit.

It has a lightweight body made of ABS plastic and nylon. On the front side, there is a fire button, a minimalistic display, a pair of adjustment keys and a USB port. At the rear end, there is a rounded removable magnetic panel with a window and a silicone bottle inside. The kit is powered by a built-in 850 mAh battery and supports VV output modes with five voltage levels for options including 3.3V, 3.6V, 3.9V, 4.2V and 4.5V. Simple EX Squonk Kit features a large 4ml e-juice capacity to meet your daily vape needs, and the squonk bottle is easy to fill and has a leak-proof design. It is intended for use with BF (bottom feeding) RDA atomizer.

Simple EX BF Squonk kit

About the vandy vape Simple EX’s performance. Turn the power to the maximum, the ignition has no delay, the button is very comfortable, and the temperature is raised immediately, and the smoke erupts instantly.4ml of e-juice capacity should be able to meet the average atomization requirement (2ml-3ml/day) unless you are gorging like a hungry fish.

In a word, both of these two kits are good at squonk mode. If you want to try various modes and like DIY, you can’t miss LUXOTIC MF; and if you like smoking high nicotine salt e-juice, Simple EX is your best choice.

New Wismec Mechanical Kit – Luxotic NC 20700 Kit with Guillotine

A new Mechanical Mod is on the way and it looks great and I am sure that it also performs great, just like other Wismec products.

250W WISMEC Luxotic NC Kit

It as a pre order sell only $54.90.

We also have the Mod on Pre Order only $40.9.

Some info about the Kit.

LUXOTIC NC, a new member of LUXOTIC series, is another masterpiece designed by JayBo. Compatible with dual 18650/20700 batteries, LUXOTIC NC devotes to providing you with incomparable vaping experience.

It features the optional output mode in series and parallel, multiple protection systems are applied which make the device much safer and reliable.

where to buy WISMEC Luxotic NC Kit

With detachable structure and Clapton 0.28ohm coil, Guillotine V2 RDA pairs with the LUXOTIC NC mod perfectly for cloud chasing.

The LUXOTIC NC kit is compatible with dual 18650/20700 batteries, providing you with large vapor clouds. It is unique yet powerful.

Under the series mode, you can adjust the voltage from 1.3V to 5.3V by rotating the voltage regulator, clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease.

I suggest that you go here to Vapesourcing homepage and see more about this great new WISMEC Luxotic NC 20700 Kit with Guillotine

First glance of Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual Kit

Today we will take a look at the next “Reuleaux” from the company Wismec. The agenda is set with the GNOME King.

Last summer, the well-known Chinese company Wismec, together with an equally famous guy named JayBo, introduced the new boxed Reuleaux RX GEN3. At its core, the device was an updated and improved version of the popular pet RX200. With its modest dimensions, the RX GEN3 was still as powerful and autonomous, for which he received many positive ratings from both users and reviewers. Today we will review the new version of Reuleaux from the same tandem.

WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual Kit with GNOME King Tank

Wismec RX GEN3 Dual Kit is a kind of a collection of old and time-tested ideas of the manufacturer, packed in a new and beautiful wrapper.

In the box mode, the same proprietary board works, capable in this case of issuing up to 230 watts of power. As always, all the required steaming modes are present on board, and the minimum resistance threshold in VW mode never dropped below 0.1Ω, it would be time already, Wismec.

The RX GEN3 Dual mod works with two 18650 batteries. More modern batteries are not supported here, apparently for the sake of compact size.

WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual Kit package

With the mod understood, we proceed to the tank. GNOME King visually looks unnecessarily bright, variegated, then multi-colored drift types, then glasses. In terms of dimensions, there are two versions of this device: 26mm and 22mm. The capacity of the latter option is modest 2ml, which is oriented to the European market. The version on 26mm contains in itself already solid 5.8ml

The tank consists of a classic set of components, absolutely not differing in their constructive from the abundance of such non-services in the market of wapping.

cheap RX GEN3 Dual Kit

Blowing the bottom, everything is as usual. About refueling, you can say about the same, because such a system with a cover-slider and previously used by Wismec in its tanks.

Several WM evaporators are responsible for the performance of GNOME King. The shifters are designed for different capacities and needs. A pleasant surprise was the availability of the RBA-database, however, as often happens, it will have to be purchased separately.

We can find out the prices on the VapeSourcing website is $54.9.
If you want it, you can click https://vapesourcing.com/wismec-reuleaux-rx-gen3-dual-kit-with-gnome-king-tank-230w.html