One of the most autonomous disposables – Vaporlax Draco Kit

Vaporlax, a Chinese manufacturer of subsystems and disposables, has launched a novelty product in the latest format. The Devices Vaporlax Draco Disposable Kit has an extraordinary look, wide range of flavors and an impressive array of technical features that differentiate this product from the competition.

Vaporlax Draco Rechargeable Disposable Kit review
Vaporlax Draco Rechargeable Disposable Kit review

Battery: 1000 mAh
Charging: Micro USB
Volume: 16 ml
Fortress: 50 mg
Airflow control: MTL / DTL
Number of puffs: 6500
12 flavors

Disposable Draco Disposable Kit devices are housed in a large cylindrical plastic housing. The novelty is presented in bright designs with gradient colors, each color corresponding to one or another flavor of the e-liquid filled in the cartridge. The manufacturer offers a total of 12 options.

SMOK G-PRIV 4 Vape Mod Kit for sale
SMOK G-PRIV 4 Vape Mod Kit for sale

The Vaporlax novelty is equipped with an integrated battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh. These devices support charging the battery via the outdated Micro USB connector located at the end. Here, the developers have placed a blower adjustment mechanism that you can use to adjust the free and tight puff.

The built-in pod cartridge comes with a mesh evaporator and a large amount of e-liquid – 16 ml. The concentration of salt nicotine is 50 mg. The combination of these features will allow you to puff up to 6500 puffs from one device.

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GeekVape WENAX H1 Pod kit – IP67 protected and even a simple one

The last day of the week brought us two new projects at the same time, but with diametrically opposite purposes. First, we’ll take a look at the GeekVape WENAX H1 Pod kit pod system from the most powerful brand on the market right now.

Geekvape Wenax H1 Kit review
Geekvape Wenax H1 Kit review

Body material: zinc alloy + plastic
Power supply: built-in 1000mAh
Cartridge capacity:2.5ml
Evaporator resistance: 0.7 / 1.4Ω
Power: up to 19W
Working mode: Power
Connector type: magnetic

Well, let’s save serving guests to dessert. In the near future, the new but already very extensive range of WENAX devices will be complemented by new members.

The novelty does not pursue the goal of being “compatible” with the previous model of the same name, however, it is equipped with a nice set of interesting and above all useful options.

The look itself is simple – a modest look complemented by the “standard” shape of the line – a flat bar. The device is well-decorated – except for the logo to distinguish it from competitors and products of the same name.

Sizes are still unknown, but I don’t think it matters – plus/minus them will be the norm for this cut. Even with the presence of a durable metal case, the weight should be minimal.

Geekvape Wenax H1 Pod Cartridge for sale
Geekvape Wenax H1 Pod Cartridge for sale

A very interesting option is protection against dust, moisture and careless handling according to the IP67 standard. So even the “rump” of the device is encased in a silicone case – why is that.

The removable Wenax pod cartridge is proprietary, which means it cannot be replaced by another copy. The latter features a slightly increased capacity compared to similar products, a flat mouthpiece and side fillers that do not allow quick access.

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