Perfect design – Hellvape Helheim S RDTA for bottom and side airflow?

In recent year for 2021, the Dead Rabit doesn’t seem to be as active as in previous years, instead, it’s Hellvape’s series Helheim that is a rising star. Today we will see the Hellvape Helheim S RDTA, as a classic representative for review.

buy Hellvape Helheim S RDTA 5ml Tank Vape
buy Hellvape Helheim S RDTA 5ml Tank Vape

5ml juice capacity
TPD juice capacity: 2ml
Dual top filled juice ports
Single coil build deck
Lots of room for building
Postless deck

The Helheim S RDTA also features a versatile airflow, consisting of a double honeycomb top trough with 10 small holes, which produces huge steam and undisputed flavor. And, there’s a bottom air slot, which means you can set the RDTA vape for the bottom and side airflow, bottom-only airflow, or top-only airflow.

Hellvape Helheim S RDTA is designed and developed in Germany with a columnless deck compatible with single coils. Since there are no posts, there is a large, open space with plenty of room to build your favorite coils.

This rebuildable drip tank atomizer also enhances the juice flow to the coil. As you can see, there are two strands of wire inside the chamber that effectively transfer the e-juice to the cotton of the coil to prevent spitting back and dry swipe. These 316 stainless steel wire strands measure 7mm x 7mm x 3mm.

cheap Hellvape Helheim S RDTA 5ml
cheap Hellvape Helheim S RDTA 5ml

Vape Juice
With that said, refilling the 5ml reservoir is a breeze thanks to the dual e-liquid holes for easy infusion of vape juice. However, if you are in the EU or UK, you will receive a 2ml version of Hellvape Helheim S RDTA due to regulations.

Since this is “RDTA”, it’s a mix of RTA and RBA…The top of the tank is the RBA and the deck is above the tank section. If you would like to learn about more RDTA from Hellvape, you can also see this post:

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Now Rincoe Jellybox Air X also a stick with replaceable panels?

We continue to get acquainted with the novelty of Rincoe’s sudden triple release. The next one is the final copy, which is actually a symbiote of the first two copies. Let’s not dwell on the foreword and get to know the newcomers to the Jellybox series – Air X Pod Kit.

Rincoe Jellybox Air X for sale
Rincoe Jellybox Air X for sale

Dimensions: 99.7 x 29.2 x 19.4mm
Weight: 60g
Body material: plastic
Power supply: built-in 1000mAh
Cartridge capacity: 3.5ml Vaporizer
resistance: 0.5 / 1.0Ω
Power: 10 – 30W
Voltage range: 3.2 – 4.2V
Operating mode: Power
Supported resistance: 0.3 – 3.0Ω

You may have noticed that the body and shape of the new rincoe product come from one predecessor, but the design comes from another. So, we don’t have the smallest rectangular body, most likely made of plastic.

The detachable panels on the magnets are UV 3D printed in color relief with a “youth theme” again for decoration. A replaceable cartridge, if I understood everything correctly, did not begin to borrow – this is a copy with a decent capacity, aside from refill that is not quickly accessible and a flattened mouthpiece.

By the way, it will be problematic to monitor the level of e-liquid inside. But replaceable Rincoe Jellybox Air X pod cartridges, on the contrary, were “treacherously taken away” from the first square version. This is a couple of specimens with different resistance from each other, the heating elements of which are made in the form of a grid.

buy Rincoe Jellybox Air X
buy Rincoe Jellybox Air X

Adjustment of the tightening intensity is provided – a small slider on one of the ends of the body. The main body, due to the presence of removable panels on both sides, avoided the presence of a physical activation button – the device starts only by tightening. For the vape coil you just refer this:

And even the LED indicator of the charge level of the built-in battery had to be moved to the end. The latter isn’t bad for a capacity size like this and isn’t intended to be charged for a particularly long time. By the way, for these purposes, we have prepared a modern Type-C connector.

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Review: Dose Pax Era Life vaporizer differ from and Pax Era?

PAX Era Life is a compact cannabis oil vaporizer that uses proprietary PAX cannabis oil pods for atomization. With its relatively low price, simple features, and elegant simplicity, it brings high-quality weed technology to a new and possibly more inclusive audience. So, what is the difference?

Now the PAX product line has expanded again to include PAX Era Life, which is its most streamlined device to date, designed to accommodate various cannabis oil users, with simplified functions and unparalleled ease of use.

PAX Era Life vaporizer review
PAX Era Life vaporizer review

PAX Pods
PAX Pods are special pod cartridges used in PAX evaporators. PAX uses SimpleClick™ technology to adopt a proprietary design for its pods, which allows users to plug the pods into the device to select the temperature, and then immediately extract the temperature from it-no preheating is required.

buy PAX Era Life Vaporizer
buy PAX Era Life Vaporizer

Authentic PAX pods can only be used with authentic PAX equipment and vice versa. PAX Pods usually consist of top-quality extracts from reputable farms, and depending on your location-can usually provide extracts that span the spectrum of cannabinoids.

Higher temperatures nominally burn concentrate faster than medium to low settings, but Pods are generally long-lasting, providing low-temperature daily tokers with inhalation for more than two weeks.

Era Life is a full 10 mm shorter than other PAX Era Vaporizer devices, but its powerful battery can still provide it. The battery life is extended, it can provide more than 150 puffs per charge, and the easy-to-read LED low battery indicator ensures that it will never run out of juice.

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