SMOK X-Force Kit VS SMOK X-PRIV Baby Kit

A large number of vape kits products emerged in 2018, and with its compact and portable size, the low power and the normal taste, You can’t have your cake and eat it. In order to break through such restrictions, a compromise in volume and performance is achieved, today we will share these two kits and make a comparison: SMOK X-Force Kit and SMOK X-PRIV Baby Kit.

The smok x-force vape kit is made of plastic, so it is very light, with a fine surface treatment and a shiny spray process, making it completely free of plastics and full of high-grade metal. The chic mid-axis projection design brings a stereoscopic visual impact to the X-character design, which is stunning at the moment. The SMOK logo-integrated large-area button on the side makes it easy to use. At the same time, its volume is controlled by the size of a typical cigarette box. It is hard to imagine a kit with a capacity of 7 ml of e-juice and 2000 mAh. It can also be so tiny. The tailor-made ceramic coil not only has a qualitative improvement in the taste but also makes its mini atomizer a reusable environmentally friendly component.

X-Force Kit 45W

About the smok X-Force’s performance. In fact, its 0.31-ohm resistance can bring a very strong outbreak, and it is estimated that the matching power should be above 40W. Regardless of the amount of heat, the amount of smoke, and the speed at which the ignition responds, it is very satisfying. If you only talk about the explosive taste and smoking experience, it feels no different from using the regular box mods. It’s not like the light wind and drizzle of a pod system, but quite a bit of tempo and heavy rain, even satisfying the needs of DL vape. The overall outbreak experience is quite good.

The smok x priv baby vape kit is similar in appearance to the 225W version. The ignition key set also shows the family lineage of SMOK. Whether it’s a frontal finger press or a reverse side through the palm position, it shows a handy experience in the ignition operation. The chip is also the regular setting of SMOK, the difference is only to reduce the power to 80W. The original atomizer is TVF12 BIG BABY tank, and there are many coils available under SMOK. The finished coil of the 80W kit is Q2 (0.4 ohms), which is a balanced coil, its output requirements are not high, the smoke performance is moderate, and the positioning of the kit is just right.

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About the X-PRIV Baby Kit’s performance. Although the size is greatly reduced, the function has not shrunk, in addition to the commonly used power function, temperature control, memory mode, for friends who like the ultimate custom taste is also very practical. The 2-inch large screen display also brings a great reading experience. 2300mAh built-in battery, if used for replacing cigarette, it has no problem if you fire at 15W in 2 days.

In general, both of these two portable, large capacity and powerful kits, which are worth recommending.

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Naked 100 Cream Go Nanas, Cuban Blend and Yummy Gum E-juice Review

Naked 100 Vape Juice is a brand manufactured by the Schwartz e Liquid group which has a vision of fruity simple flavor profiles that require no hype. Today we are going to check out three of Naked 100’s e-juices: Cream Go Nanas, Cuban Blend, and Yummy Gum.

They come in only 60ml bottles and is available in 0, 3, 6, 12mg nicotine options. I’ll be reviewing the 3mg version. Both three types of e-juice are designed in a simple and generous pattern. The PET bottle is labeled purely natural, and the black bottle cap is fresh and elegant. There is no swanking pattern but it is still pleasing, which is due to the excellent reputation that Naked 100 has left after the hot sale in the international market. List of recipes for e-juice from the side of the brand: Typical bubble gum flavor, with an added signature strawberry twist for Yummy Gum; Fine Caribbean Tobacco flavor for Cuban Blend; Ripened bananas and vanilla whipped cream for Cream Go Nanas.

The device I used to taste is Vandy Vape Pulse X squonk Kit, and the atomizer is the finished RDA: Pulse X BF RDA. Here I thank vapesourcing vape shop online to offer me these again.

The first one is Cream Go Nanas e-juice. After opening the bottle, a strong banana smell came out, I thought this e-juice must be very thick and greasy. The first inhalation, I wonder if my mouth has a problem? Where is the banana flavor? The second inhalation, carefully tested, found that the flavor is indeed banana and cream. Compared with the smell of banana, it is more like being brought by a sweet milk flavor. The taste of cream is more dominant than the taste of bananas. I thought I would get greasy, but I didn’t, and the cream taste was just right. It seems to me that the banana taste is missing a little.

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The second one is Cuban Blend e-juice. The color of the e-juice is not particularly deep, and it has a strong fluidity and smells like a cigar. When the smoke enters my mouth, I feel rich and the taste of tobacco is pure. The taste of Cuban flue-cured tobacco stimulates the taste buds, making the tongue feel a little bun, although the taste feels more monotonous, the taste is not bad.

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The third one is Yummy Gum e-juice. The balance of flavors that Yummy Gum makes me convinced that I’m chewing on real strawberry bubblegum, which is the easiest vape juice to enjoy. There is little throat hit to it, no sharp flavors, just very soft and flavorful strawberry gum. On the inhale, unapologetic bubblegum flavor wakes up the taste buds. On the exhale, a powerful dose of strawberry bursts on the tongue.

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In general, Naked 100 has earned a place in the vape community as one of those e-liquid lines that everyone enjoys. Maybe not every flavor, but there is something here for everyone.

Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit VS Vandy Vape Simple EX Kit, You Choose Which One?

In 2018, it was not only a year of intense competition for pod systems, but also a year of various squonk kits show their budding. Today we will make a comparison evaluation about two squonk kits which I bought from vapesourcing vape online shop: Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit and Vandy Vape Simple EX.

Firstly is the Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit.

In sense, the LUXOTIC MF is not a real squonk kit. The Luxotic MF box has two usage modes, you can choose squonk mode and TC box mode. In squonk mode, a 7ml BF plastic bottle and a single 21700 battery are available; In TC box mod, it supports two 18650 batteries, and the maximum output power can reach to 100W. The box also offers optional boards such as a semi-mechanical output board with indicator lights or a voltage regulator board with a 0.91″ OLED screen.


About the wismec LUXOTIC MF’s performance. Whether you prefer Squonking or standard dripping the performance is much the same, with the dual coils setup with the provided coils in the kit, we’re getting 0.16ohms so we’re setting the wattage to around 70-80 watts. The airflow is good and adjustable, the flavor is spot on and nothing to complain about. Nice deep flavorful clouds.

Secondly is the Vandy Vape Simple EX Kit.

It has a lightweight body made of ABS plastic and nylon. On the front side, there is a fire button, a minimalistic display, a pair of adjustment keys and a USB port. At the rear end, there is a rounded removable magnetic panel with a window and a silicone bottle inside. The kit is powered by a built-in 850 mAh battery and supports VV output modes with five voltage levels for options including 3.3V, 3.6V, 3.9V, 4.2V and 4.5V. Simple EX Squonk Kit features a large 4ml e-juice capacity to meet your daily vape needs, and the squonk bottle is easy to fill and has a leak-proof design. It is intended for use with BF (bottom feeding) RDA atomizer.

Simple EX BF Squonk kit

About the vandy vape Simple EX’s performance. Turn the power to the maximum, the ignition has no delay, the button is very comfortable, and the temperature is raised immediately, and the smoke erupts instantly.4ml of e-juice capacity should be able to meet the average atomization requirement (2ml-3ml/day) unless you are gorging like a hungry fish.

In a word, both of these two kits are good at squonk mode. If you want to try various modes and like DIY, you can’t miss LUXOTIC MF; and if you like smoking high nicotine salt e-juice, Simple EX is your best choice.

Marrow Vapors Nicotine Salt Classic Tobacco and Nut Tobacco e-juice Review – Awesome in relieving addiction

The goal of this review is Marrow Vapors Nicotine Salt e-juice. There are four flavors of this e-juice. This time, we give a review about the classic Tobacco and Nut Tobacco flavor, both are nicotine salt e-juice.

30ml small PET transparent bottle, the front sticker is printed with a molecular structure pattern, as well as flavor.

The device used in this review is the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System Kit ( thanks vapesourcing electronic cigarette online shop). Because this pod system can change the atomizer, I have several atomizers, which will ensure that there is no mixed odor when changing e-juice. This Renova Zero has a bigger amount of smoke and better tastes on the e-juice.

Nut Tobacco E-Juice

Firstly I tasted the Nut Tobacco flavor. After injecting the e-juice and fully infiltrating the coil, start inhaling. I felt that the relief of addiction is so agile, it has a tobacco flavor, tastes careful, has a light nutty taste, didn’t choke, and slowly feels good. The hitting throat of smoking the nicotine salt e-juice is smooth, but if the content is large, it will itch in the nose, sometimes it will sneeze. This also indicates that the cheap e-juice has a higher nicotine salt content.

The second one is the Classic Tobacco flavor. I changed the coil, washed the smoke cartridge, and began to smoke classic tobacco. The first feeling is close to other tobacco flavors, and it is more mellow. Repeated tasting, the tobacco flavor was gradually showed, the smoke is big, the throat-hitting is smooth, and the “strength” is not small, which is quite a relief of addiction.

In conclusion, the Classic Tobacco flavor and the Nut Tobacco flavor, high degree of reduction, large cloud, smooth throat-hitting, strong and awesome. The overall tobacco flavor is rich, mellow and pure, is a good nicotine salt e-juice.

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How to Choose 18650 Battery As Vapors

The most important equipment for e-cigarette players is nothing more than a pure mechanical kit, a vape pen kit with protective chipset, a TC box mod, a semi-mechanical box mod, and so on. These can be roughly divided into 2 categories: the first type is directly or almost directly connected to the battery, such like a pure mechanical kit, a vape pen kit with protective chipset, a semi-mechanical box mod. The second type is the voltage regulating output through the circuit, and the TC box mod is representative of this category. So which battery is the right one to choose?

The 18650 power battery with high current output is the mainstream power source for the above equipment. Reality has the contradiction between current output capability and capacity, so it must face choice. Choosing a battery is simply a combination of the device’s output capability and the resistance limit of the player’s own DIY coil. Let’s analyze it below.

samsung 25r 18650 battery in stock

Let’s talk about the common 18650 and 18350 battery. The 18350 battery is small in size and has a much larger internal resistance than the 18650, so the output may not have the violence like the TC box mod, but the portability is good. The current mainstream continuous discharge current 18650 power battery is 30A Sony C4, as an example, assuming 0.1 ohm resistor, what is its output? Take single battery as an example, it is obtained by P=U*U/R, 4.2*4.2/0.1=176.4W, which means that the resistance is 0.1 ohm. When the battery is fully charged, the output power is 176.4W, and there is no constant voltage circuit, and the power is continuously decreasing. This needs to be understood. From P=I*I/R, I=42A, then C4 can’t stand it. What should I do? With C4 30A continuous discharge, the current reverses how small your resistance is (limit): P = U * I = 4.2 * 30A = 126W From P = I * I * R, R = 0.14 ohm. Now it’s time to know that C4 is used in the first class of equipment, and your resistance should not be less than 0.14 ohms. Of course, the ignition of the electronic cigarette is between the instantaneous discharge current and the continuous discharge current. It is said that the C4 instantaneous discharge current can reach 45A. But for safety, the bottom line of 0.14 ohms is not difficult to hold.

Samsung 30Q 18650 Battery in stock

The C4 capacity is 2100MAH, which is a little small. Samsung 30Q, LG HG2 have the capacity of 3000MAH 20A continuous discharge capacity, can’t that work? The answer is of course yes, but there is a requirement for the limit resistance of your DIY coil. From P=U*I=4.2*20A=84W and P=I*I*R, R=0.21 ohms, that is to say, this limit resistance is maintained. Samsung 30Q and LG HG2 are safe.After all, their endurance is much stronger. Although their internal resistance is about 10 milliohms larger than C4, some people say that the output of smaller internal resistance is more violent, but I also want to say that in the case of short circuit, the output is more violent. Do you understand?

In conclusion, here I highly recommend Samsung 30Q 18650 battery and Samsung 25R 18650 battery. Good quality, last-long life, which is the best choice for vapors.

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