Devourers Evolved Again – Revirew of GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA

The biggest feature of the Ammit family is the consistently multi-dimensional air intake and crocodile head representing the devourers on the top cap. Ammit RDA is no exception. The spark of three-dimensional air intake and high suction resistance mouth-watering style is very charming. Lateral and bottom-up airflows bring a more uniform, softer mist, while also slowing down the overheating problem from the top cap.

What is more special is that it introduces GeekVape’s other popular series, Zeus’s leak-proof structure. The airflow entering through the upper intake hole will pass through the middle channel between the top cap and the deck, and then it will be pulled out of the three holes on the deck. Under the passage, there is a vast space for e-juice storage. This makes it extremely stable in use. Unless you are struggling to squeeze out the e-juice, the e-juice will be stored in the spacious space at the bottom of the deck as long as it is in the upright position. This reminds me of the best atomizer in the same brand -Medusa, yes, different from regular RDA, Ammit RDA is a bit like RDTA.

Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

However, as an MTL atomizer, is it really necessary to increase the characteristics of big storage? The answer is very necessary, because the air intake adjustment of Ammit RDA is to use a single hole and a porous alternative opening method, with five sizes of internal air intake holes can reach at least 12 levels of air intake, but also with three kinds of length of drips with different openings, pore can be replaced with the double-size hole opening kits. From pure MTL to light lung suction, from single wire to fancy wire, are all areas where it can compete.

Ammit, who swallowed Zeus and Medusa, absorbed their strengths and transformed them into the new Ammit series. Nowadays, for various types of structures becoming more and more popular, whether or not to establish unique positioning and characteristics becomes the focus and difficulty in design. Easy to control the air intake, easy to carry out and stable, with a unique soft smoke, Ammit RDA from GeekVape handed in a good transcript.

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Good Enough – Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Review

Horizon Tech is best known for the Arctic sub ohm line of tanks. This was a player in vaping that very quickly became overshadowed by giants in the market such as Kangertech, Sigelei, Smok, and Uwell. One this Horzion Tech has been known for is flavor. The Horizon Tech Falcon is the latest sub ohm tank from long time tank manufacturer Horizon Tech. The Falcon aims to separate itself from other tanks by using different wicking material. Some coils use a combination of wood pulp and cotton, while others use flax paper and/or flax fibre instead. So today, we wll take a look at the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank.

Firstly is about the appearance. The Horizon Falcon tank is a very nice looking tank, it’s not a large tank by any means but feels really well built. I have the green one and it looks great. It’s like a matte lime green and even the o-rings match as well as the resin drip tip. Branding is simple it says “Horizon Tech” on the top cap on one side and “Falcon” on the other. All 6 color options come with a matching resin tip which is nice with the exception of the SS that comes with an orange tip that matches the included orange o-rings. Overall though I find it to be a nice looking tank that follows the same design as many sub ohm tanks. By now, there aren’t too many surprises when disassembling vape tanks, and the Falcon certainly didn’t present anything new or different. But the product is built, designed and machined well throughout – something more companies should strive for in 2018.

Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank 5ml

Secondly is about its performance. When I first noticed the condensation and leaking, it happened while vaping a less-viscous, 60/40 liquid. A slight gurgle tipped me off to some mild leaking through one of the triple airflow slots. Well, the coil was seated as intended. But even after a quick bath and repair, the Falcon still slowly oozed e-liquid from the bottom.Determined to make this work, I tried one more time, giving the tank a bath and switching to a 90/10, max-VG e-liquid. I’ll be damned, the leaking stopped entirely. And the coil once again vaped like an absolute champion during the rest of my testing. Rich flavor, huge clouds, and stutter-free performance on every mod I threw at it. Overall i found this coil to be pretty good as well, but the M1 coil is the one that really shines in this tank.

Overall, this one would be my recommendation to pick up. It works well and gives great flavor on the M1 horizon falcon replacement coils.

Now, the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Resin Edition is a new edition produced by the company, you can buy it also.

A Nice Temperature Controlled Vape Pen Starter Kit – Uwell Nunchaku 80W Review

Uwell, as known for its legendary Crown 3 tank and the stellar Valyrian sub ohm tank monster, I konw how creative the company is, I shouldn’t be surprised that its first entry is a unique, single-battery stick mod – the Uwell Nunchaku. Tdoay we are going to talk about it.

The Uwell Nunchaku was named after the handled assault weapon used by ninjas and occasional Stallone victims, and Uwell has produced an ergonomic design that fits into your hand perfectly and kind of resembles a nunchuck if you squint and imagine a little. It’s made from solid stainless steel so feels quite sturdy and the anodized finish seems durable. With the simple enlarged fire button placed at the top of the pen with 2 small adjustable buttons towards the bottom, just above the tiny screen. It small OLED Display is well placed and surprisingly easy to read, giving you all the information you need like battery life, wattage or temperature (pending on the mode you’re in), the resistance of the coil in the tank, and the voltage. Micro-USB slot is on the back, opposing the fire button. On the base we have the battery knob, which has butter smooth threads.

Nunchaku 80W Full Kit

Powred by a single high drain 18650 battery, the Uwell Nunchaku kit can fire up from 5W to 80W, and this vape pen has multiple modes that include your standard wattage mode, temperature control, and those who like to bypass both of them you can run it unregulated straight from the battery like other vape pens.

About its performance. Performance on the UWELL Nunchaku 80W TC kit is quite surprising. Set to around 50W which is the ideal level for this 0.25-ohm coil the airflow is really good and reate some huge flavorful clouds. Sadly you cannot adjust wattage when using Nickel or Stainless Steel but it’s definitely a cool feature to have on a device like this. Vapor quality is pretty good but nothing to blow your mind.

Nunchaku uwell Kit

In a word, highly recommend it to those vape pen lovers who love a a removable 18650 battery pen mod.

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